So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (07/07/15)


Return Of The Bellas?

Total Divas Returns and immediately, conversation is brought up at brunch about The Bella Twins possibly leaving the WWE.

The Divas are already planning life without the Bella Twins, which upsets Nikki Bella since she is not leaving the WWE any time soon.


After having a conversation with her Mother Kathy about her future, Nikki Bella talks to Brie Bella in the gym, thinking that this isn’t the time to walk away from WWE. Brie reminds Nikki that they already told everyone that they were leaving. Nikki tells Brie they have the potential to be the next John Cena, and that they can retire at 34. Brie says that what’s right for Nikki isn’t right for Brie. Nikki tries to convince Brie Bella, but Brie walks away not interested.

On the RAW before Wrestlemania, Nikki Bella wrestles Paige. Nikki is concerned about Brie Bella possibly not resigning with WWE. After the match, Nikki Bella reveals to the Divas that she wants to stay. The WWE Divas are happy, but Brie Bella still plans on leaving WWE.

Natalya: The Dominatrix

Natalya talks to Mark Corrano about The Bella Twins possibly leaving. Carrano thinks The Bella Twins aren’t leaving and tells Nattie not to give into speculation. Nattie suggests being a dominatrix to Carrano, but Carrano reminds Natalya that WWE is a PG environment.

Naomi, Jimmy Uso and Natalya go to a sex shop. Nattie is trying hard to study for this role.

Natalya picks out a toy, which she wants for her cats. The owner whispers to Nattie that she is holding a butt plug.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are playing with the cats until Athena the Dominatrix shows up.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd start talking with Athena. Athena tells Tyson to sit down like a cat. Athena demands Tyson do it, but Tyson isn’t very willing.


Athena tells Natalya to spank Tyson Kidd , but Tyson Kidd is not into it at all.

Tyson Kidd gets up, walks to his car and leaves.

Tyson Kidd screams that he’s a tag team Champion and doesn’t want to purr like a cat.

Natalya continues the dominatrix training until her Mom walks in. Her Mom is a little confused, but Natalya doesn’t seem into the Dominatrix style.

Eva Marie: Energy Vampire Slayer

While pitching her dominatrix character, Natalya tells Mark Carrano that Eva Marie volunteered to help her with the Dominatrix, but Mark Carrano reveals Eva Marie has been training for 5-7 days a week in California. The WWE wants to use her like the next Bella Twins.

Eva Marie is seen training with The Brian Kendrick. Eva reveals she and Jonathan are in a much better place since their last argument. The Brian Kendrick tells Eva Marie that they’ll be here for several hours, days and weeks, training. Eva and Kendrick continue to run through drills.

Later, Natalya reveals to the Total Divas that Eva Marie is having her own private coach in California to become better. Brie Bella is pissed that Eva lied to her about going down to the Performance Center. Naomi reminds everyone that despite her amazing trainer, Eva still has to prove herself.

Nikki Bella talks about her determination of her WWE Career, saying she has given up her personal life for the WWE. Brie doesn’t think Eva Marie respects them. Paige is frustrated because Eva has had the easiest Divas career she has ever witnessed because she has been wrestling for 10 years and Eva actually gets to go home every night.

Backstage, The Bella Twins are talking with Mark Carrano, asking about the Eva Marie rumors. Carrano tries to call out the gossip, but Nikki asks Carrano about the truth. Carrano reveals they have other plans for Eva Marie.

Eva Marie is being tended to by Jonathan, as she has many bruises from training. Jonathan thinks Brian Kendrick is dope and will help Eva gets where she wants.


After Natalya talks about her Dominatrix failure, she reveals that Eva Marie posted an Instagram post about her being a lion and everyone else being sheep. This further upsets the Divas, especially Paige and Alicia Fox.

Alicia thinks Eva has no credibility, but Naomi chimes in saying that if WWE wants Eva, they will use Eva. Naomi thinks complaining won’t help. Naomi starts to defend Eva Marie, saying the Divas talking behind her back isn’t good. Alicia gets defensive and tells Naomi to call Eva and tell her. Alicia claims they’re not talking sh*t about Eva. They’re comparing notes.

Back at training, The Brian Kendrick teaches Eva Marie how to leapfrog. Eva is bruised and hesitant. Eva can’t get the leapfrog together.

The Brian Kendrick tells Eva Marie to take a walk and figure out if she wants to do this.Outside, Eva Marie reveals that she is frustrated that she has not picked it up in 6 days. Jonathan reminds Eva Marie that The Rock didn’t pick this up in Day 1 either.

Jonathan asks what’s wrong because she was loving this. Eva reveals that she might be letting the girls get in her head. Jonathan tells Eva to not let the girls get in her head and to forget about them.

Eva Marie agrees and refuses to let the Energy Vampires bring her down. Eva tries to practice with The Brian Kendrick, but can’t get the leapfrog down. After a few times, Eva Marie hits Kenrdick with a leapfrog, hiptoss and bodyslam.

Later, Lilian Garcia talks to Brie Bella about the Eva Marie drama, saying that Eva knows they’ve ganged up on her. Brie gets upset, saying that Eva lied to her, saying that she was going to NXT. Lilian says Eva claimed she told everyone that she was going to California. Now both Lilian Garcia and Brie Bella are mad at Eva Marie.

When Eva Marie shows up at RAW, Brie Bella talks to Eva about the situation. Brie lets Eva know that if she asks for the Divas opinions, they will tell her straight to Eva’s face.

Eva Marie runs into Cameron. Eva asks Cameron for help, but Cameron decides to be Cameron and leave.

Eva Marie finally comes face to face with the Total Divas.

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Paige confront Eva about her Instagram photo and talking behind their back. Paige says they would say the same thing to Eva Marie’s face. Naomi tries to keep the peace, but it’s not working.


Alicia Fox says that she is not going waste her time on Eva Marie. Paige thinks it’s ridiculous that Eva doesn’t have to go to NXT and that she has her own personal trainer. Eva says being a WWE Diva is about empowering women and calls the Divas out on cutting her down. Brie gets even angrier, saying that WWE is everyone else’s life. Brie thinks Eva doesn’t give a sh*t about wrestling.


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