Highlight Reel: Stone Cold ACH

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will check out funny and interesting wrestling videos. 

If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch wrestler ACH either in person or on ROH’s television show, then you’ve seen his mastery of the aerial arts. He is certainly one of the most gifted high flyers today. He’s also a pop-culture enthusiast who likes to display his fandom when he can. Recently, on ROH television, he came to the ring wearing a straw hat and a red shirt as an homage to Luffy, the main character from the Anime One Piece:


Image Courtesy of Wrestling Giffer

But this isn’t ACH’s only wardrobe inspired transformation. On occasion, ACH will don a black vest during his matches in ProWrestlingGuerilla (PWG) and transform into Stone Cold ACH!

When that vest goes on, you don’t know what to expect like a Lou Thesz Press for Tomasso Ciampa!

Or a Stunner for A.R. FOX!
Or a Stunner for Chuck Taylor!
Actually, you do know that you’re at least going to get a stunner. Stone Cold ACH is like a sleepwalker: you never disrupt a sleepwalker and you don’t want to stop Stone Cold ACH until the stunning is done. Just ask Kenny Omega, who dared to remove the vest from the shoulders of SCACH:

Kenny Omega tried to turn the vest against Stone Cold ACH. He even tried to channel one of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s greatest rivals – The Rock – to try to counter Stone Cold ACH. But to no avail; all it did was fire SCACH (and the crowd) up even more so that they erupted once the stunner was hit!

Keep a look out for all incarnations of Go Go ACH in wrestling rings across the world.

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