Snapshots: Captain Insano Shows No Mercy

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On this Independence Day, America likes to celebrate its accomplishments. Also, America likes to set stuff on fire, either via barbecues, tanning at the beach or setting off explosives. But mostly the accomplishments thing. That’s why we’re going to talk about Adam Sandler. Wait. Wait. Hear us out: specifically, we’re talking about his 1998 movie, The Waterboy

Yes, the movie about a simple manchild’s rise from rejected waterboy to star of an underdog football team is important to America. And not just America, to wrestling. And not just wrestling, to the Big Show.

Big Show, then WCW wrestler The Giant, plays – not surprisingly – WCW wrestler Captain Insano, who’s basically The Giant wearing a star spangled singlet. And he’s great at it. Because without Captain Insano, Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler) wouldn’t have found the courage to start playing football.

Even though Captain Insano does his best to ruin the spirit of Boucher, it works out in Bobby’s favor. He channels that energy into tackling anyone he sets his sights on anyone put in front of him. He leads his team to the championship game and it’s all due to the Big Show! Can you believe it?

This not something we can ever or should ever take from him. It’s a good a reason as any to celebrate today.

Happy Independence Day, Everybody!

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