So That Happened: #RAW Recap (06/29/15)


Seth Rollins welcomes the WWE Universe to Monday Night Rollins, live from Washington D.C.

Seth Rollins says Washington D.C is a city obsessed with power, despite not knowing what true power is or how to gain power. Rollins says you gain power by doing something no one else is capable of doing. Rollins starts to brag about taking out Brock Lesnar, saying that Roman Reigns, John Cena and The Undertaker couldn’t do.

Seth Rollins says he conquered Brock Lesnar and burned him to the ground. Rollins says Lesnar won’t be here because he’s boarding a flight to Japan.

Seth Rollins hopes Brock is thinking about the beating The Authority gave him after what he did to Jamie Noble. Rollins calls Noble his friend and mentor then tells the WWE Universe that Noble got his ribs broken by Lesnar. Rollins calls Noble tougher than anyone in the arena, and says that Noble wouldn’t miss this celebration for the world.

After trying to get a standing ovation for Jamie Noble, Seth Rollins turns his attention to Noble, Mercury and Kane. Rollins gives his team a gift, brand new Apple Watches.

Seth Rollins says The Authority is always ahead of the game with technology like Periscope and this is a Thank You to them. Jamie Noble is so excited, he wants to take a group selfie backstage.

Seth Rollins tells the WWE Universe to relive the beat down on Brock Lesnar on YouTube. Rollins calls the beatdown “#BrokenBeast”

Seth Rollins has an extra gift for Kane. Rollins reminds Kane of his debut in 1997, saying a lot has changed since then. Bill Clinton was President, the internet was running on dialup, there will no Apple Watches and Paul Heyman was still a fat, slimy piece of crap. Rollins calls Kane the glue that holds WWE together, saying Kane never asked for anything. Rollins is giving Kane the gift of a vacation. A trip to Hawaii.

Kane tells Seth Rollins this is the nicest thing anyone he’s ever done. Kane says he always wanted to lay on the beach and debate what living animal he wanted to throw into a volcano. Kane thanks Seth Rollins for this. Rollins wants to send Kane off in style. Rollins suggests a No-DQ Tag Team Match between Rollins and Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Seth Rollins says a few weeks ago, he saw one of the saddest things he ever saw in his life, J & J Security arriving in a rental car. Rollins says his boys travel in style because nobody reeks of style like them. Seth Rollins does a drumroll, then introduces a brand new car for J & J Security.

Seth Rollins says when they travel, they represent him and he represents beauty like that new car.

Big Show comes out next.


As Big Show makes his entrance, Jamie Noble keeps honking the horn on his new car.

Match 01: Big Show vs. Mark Henry

The Miz is on commentary.

Winner: Big Show

Post-Match Ryback comes down to the ring.

Ryback chases Big Show, but ends up getting booted by The Miz.

Ryback takes the mic and says he’s supposed to fight The Miz later tonight, but he wants Miz to come down here tonight and “Feed Him More.”

Match 02: Ryback vs. The Miz

Ryback does a stalling suplex to The Miz

The Miz quickly leaves the ring.

Winner: Ryback (via count out)

Match 03: Paige vs. Alicia Fox-Bella


Alicia Fox hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Paige.

Alicia Fox hits Paige with a backbreaker.

Paige starts to fight back.

Paige catches Alicia Fox with a roll up.

Winner: Paige

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