Snapshots: Fall of Mankind

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Twitter reminded us that the Undertaker versus Mankind Hell in the Cell was 17 years ago today. The match was a culmination of their rivalry. Having fought in the ring, out of the ring, in boiler rooms, and everywhere else, the only way to settle their feud was to compete in the ring surrounded by the giant cage.

Until Mankind decided to begin the match by fighting above the ring. The Undertaker has never been one to back down from a challenge and he … well…

3MB_Buzzfeed_FallofMankind01 3MB_Buzzfeed_FallofMankind02 3MB_Buzzfeed_FallofMankind03 3MB_Buzzfeed_FallofMankind04


If you haven’t seen this match, then please go on the WWE Network to watch this match. Because it only gets crazier from here. GIFs don’t really do this moment (or this match) the justice it deserves. However, this moment was included in Gallery 1988’s Exhibit on “The Greatest Moments in Sports History.” Artist El Jefe created “Witness The Fall of Mankind” as tribute:


The poster evokes the same jaw-dropping emotion that the fall has. Unfortunately, this poster was a limited run so your best bet of finding this poster will involve some luck and some eBay. El Jefe has other wrestling (and non-wrestling) designs on his website, including Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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