So That Happened: #RAW Recap (06/15/15)


RAW begins with a Dusty Rhodes Tribute

Seth Rollins comes out by himself.

An excited Seth Rollins welcomes the WWE Universe to Monday Night RAW, then corrects it by welcoming them to Monday Night Rollins.

Seth Rollins brags about retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money In The Bank, then brings up Dean Ambrose. Rollins says Ambrose delivered on his promise by bringing the fight and his A game. Rollins says as good as Ambrose is, it’s not as good as Rollins’ A Game. Rollins brags that he beat Dean Ambrose all by himself and took what was rightfully his: The WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth Rollins talks about his win, saying when he got his title back, he had to think about all of the people who helped him get to where he is. Rollins tells the WWE Universe to think about how far he’s come, then takes out a list to thank all of the people who are important to him.

Seth Rollins thanks…Seth Rollins, then Seth Rollins, then Seth Rollins.


Seth Rollins thanks himself, saying he didn’t need anyone’s help. Not J & J Security, Kane or even Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Rollins says children will be named after him.

Seth Rollins trashes Cleveland Sports teams and stars like Johnny Manziel and Lebron James, saying that he actually brought a championship to Cleveland. Rollins says he will leave this town as a Champion.

Dean Ambrose’s music plays.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins start brawling.

Dean Ambrose says the title slipped through his fingers, but he realized that he enjoyed making Seth Rollins’ life hell and that he doesn’t want it to end. Ambrose sits in a chair and says he’s not leaving until Rollins gets back out here.

Backstage: Seth Rollins walks up to The Authority and demands they take care of Dean Ambrose and get Ambrose off “his” show. Stephanie McMahon tells Rollins that it seems like he doesn’t need The Authority.. Rollins tries to backtrack, and claims he was only talking about J & J, Kane and the WWE Universe. Rollins tries to get The Authority to get Dean Ambrose ejected from the building so they can focus on what’s next for the The Authority and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H lets Rollins know that at the end of the night, he will find out who the new Number One Contender will be. Rollins asks if he has a say in this, but Triple H tells Rollins that since they trusted Rollins to beat Ambrose, Rollins needs to trust The Authority that they will pick the right opponent.

Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose is still sitting in the middle of the ring.

#ScumbagSheamus interrupts Dean Ambrose.

#ScumbagSheamus says he and Dean Ambrose are alike since they both like to fight and they both made bold predictions at Money In The Bank. #ScumbagSheamus says the difference is #ScumbagSheamus became Money In The Bank, while Dean Ambrose lost. #ScumbagSheamus says he’s one Borgue Kick away from becoming the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, every time, any place and anywhere. #ScumbagSheamus tells Dean Ambrose that The Authority thought it was a good idea for him to come out here and kick Ambrose’s head off his shoulders.

Match 01: Dean Ambrose vs. #ScumbagSheamus

#ScumbagSheamus does more damage to Dean Ambrose’s injured leg.

Dean Ambrose does his own version of the 10 Beats Of The Bowery to #ScumbagSheamus.

Dean Ambrose dives on #ScumbagSheamus.

#ScumbagSheamus tries to leave, but Randy Orton comes out to distract him. Dean Ambrose attacks #ScumbagSheamus, then rolls him up.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Post-Match, Randy Orton continue the assault on #ScumbagSheamus. Randy Orton hits #ScumbagSheamus with the rope DDT.

Randy Orton goes for the RKO, but #ScumbagSheamus manages to escape.


Backstage: Seth Rollins runs into J & J Security. Rollins calls them Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber, then gloats about beating Dean Ambrose without their help.

Seth Rollins says he’s willing to bring J & J Security back on board, if they have any inside information on their next opponent. Noble says they wouldn’t tell him even if they knew. Noble says it it were up to him, The Authority would pick Joey Mercury, since Mercury pinned him in the middle of the ring. Seth Rollins laughs it off then mocks Jamie Noble drinking moonshine.

Seth Rollins says no one wants to see a match between he and Joey Mercury. Mercury cuts Rollins off and says he thinks Rollins is afraid of him. Rollins tries to speak, but Mercury screams he’s not finished.

Joey Mercury reminds Seth Rollins that the record books will always say that he lost to J & J Security. Mercury says it’s not a matter of if Seth Rollins will lose the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it’s a matter of when.

Match 02: R-Truth vs. King Barrett

R-Truth comes out like a Fake King.

King Barrett comes out next in new attire.

R-Truth goes on commentary to find out he is actually facing King Barrett.

R-Truth manages to roll up King Barrett.

Winner: R-Truth

Post-Match, King Barrett hits R-Truth with a Bullhammer.

King Barrett takes the mic then tells R-Truth that this isn’t a joke and he earned the right to become King by winning the King OF The Ring tournament. Barrett calls the KOTR prestigious and calls R-Truth out on making a mockery of the tournament, then tells the WWE Universe that they will all hail King Barrett.

Backstage: Machine Gun Kelly is talking with Zack Ryder, Fandango, Alicia Fox, Emma, Summer Rae and Heath Slater, who calls him Shotgun Gordon. Paige interrupts them and introduces herself, then tells Summer Rae, Alicia Fox and Emma about a team meeting tonight.

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