Snapshots: Legends of Wrestling

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3MB_LOW_20150607_0001We were fortunate enough to attend Legends of Wrestling. The company put on an all day event at Citi field that was part wrestling show, part meet and greet, and part Q&A. Part of the appeal was being able to see a wrestling show in the Citi Field, continuing the wrestling legacy started in Shea Stadium many years ago.

There’s just something cool about seeing a wrestling ring in the outfield of a baseball stadium, with Mets logo in the backdrop of the turnbuckles.


Several of the wrestlers were from the New York area and consider the Mets their team. Perhaps no one was more excited than Brian Myers (formerly Curt Hawkins): a die-hard Mets fan who wears the same blue and orange on his ring gear. He had the added thrill of being accompanied to the ring by Ms. Met (no one tell Mr. Met!)

3MB_LOW_20150607_0025The main event of the show featured Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner taking on Rob Van Dam. Steiner was attacking Van Dam physically and verbally until Van Dam took advantage. With a unintentional assist from Luke Gallows, Van Dam was able to hit the Van Daminator, which connected like a line drive.

3MB_LOW_20150607_0067RVD picked up the victory over Steiner, sending everyone (but Scott … and probably Gallows) home happy.

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