Snapshots: DIY Owens DIY

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Who’s ready for Money in the Bank tonight? Who are you supporting in the most anticipated rematch in WWE history (according to John Cena): Kevin Owens or John Cena? Silly question: of course you’re rooting for Kevin Owens. Why? Because he beat Super Cena!

But how are you going to show your support tonight? Well, if you visited WWE Shop recently, you probably got one of the many Kevin Owens shirts available, ranging from the “Fight Owens Fight” shirt to the original KO shirt.

Wait. The shirt didn’t arrive in time? You didn’t order one?!?! What are you going to do?

No worries. We have you covered.

Step 1: Get your second favorite black t-shirt.
Step 2: Get a role of Duct Tape, preferably gray or silver.
Step 3: Cut strips of Duct Tape to form the letter “K”
Step 4: Cut strips of Duct Tape to form the letter  “O.” Well, a boxy “O” with a little extra tape so that it kinda looks like a Q.
Step 5: Apply the Strips of Tape to the Black T-Shirt.

3MB_DIYOwensDIYStep 6: Cheer Kevin Owens to Victory!

Sleeves are optional and, if you want to go for the added touch, add NXT to the back of the shirt. Listen if you’re already giving the WWE your $9.99 for the Network. And this way, you can cheer Owens for less than the WWE Shop Price. Save, Owens, Save! We have no problems with it. Others? Not so much

Enjoy Money in the Bank! Join us on Twitter while we watch the event.

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