Snapshot: Rusev CRUSHED

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

Ever since Rusev and Lana broke up, it’s been no secret that Lana has been winning that break-up. She’s been with Dolph Ziggler since and has a permanent smile on her face. Rusev, on the other hand, has not been taking it so well. He has had many failed attempts at winning the Ravishing Russian back. On top of that, he suffered an injury – a fractured foot – that caused him to be sidelined. Rusev is in the uncomfortable role of ex-boyfriend and is not taking it well. He won’t stop tweeting Lana or tweeting about Lana on social media.

Not cool, Rusev! Listen, we understand that this is new to you. Not only is Lana your ex-girlfriend but she is also your co-worker. You can’t act this way. You especially can’t do this:

Don’t be that guy, Rusev! There’s a word for this in the America (maybe not in Bulgaria or in Russia) and it’s called “creeper.” Don’t be a creeper, Rusev! You’re not the only one at fault here though.

If we pull the curtain back a little, we see you, WWE Instagram!


You caught Rusev in the act of being a creeper and rather than stop the cycle, you continued it! That’s not a watchful eye! Don’t creep on the creeper!

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