So That Happened: #RAW Recap (04/20/15)

John Cena’s United States Open Challenge:

John Cena starts to hype Extreme Rules and his match with Rusev. Cena gets cut off with a Cena Sucks Chant. Cena says Rusev brought a few fans with him, but he knows those fans cringe every time he says “The Champ Is Here.”

John Cena starts to hype the Russian Chain Match against Rusev, and explains the rules where the winner touches all 4 corners successfully. Cena says Rusev’s plan is to take the fighting spirit away from Cena. Cena says he will never give up and fight to win.

Cena says Rusev’s plan is to beat him motionless, and prove that Wrestlemania is a fluke, but Rusev forgot that he’s John Cena and if you knock Cena down, he gets back up. Cena says he will lock Rusev to the chain, beat the crap out of Rusev, hit all four corners and prove that Wrestlemania wasn’t a fluke and was a statement. Cena says the Champ Is Here and the United States Championship is a symbol of opportunity and this Sunday, Rusev has the opportunity to get a Russian Steel Chain shoved straight up his ass.


John Cena brings up the United States Open Challenge, saying he is still having a fight. Cena tells his upcoming challenge that he’s focused on the match of his life and is not in a losing mood. Cena hypes Albany as the place to be, himself as the man to beat, then waits for his challenge to accept.

John Cena’s Open Challenge is accepted by Kane.

Match 06: John Cena vs. Kane

John Cena goes for the You Can’t See Me, but Kane grabs him by the throat.

After a Chokeslam, Kane goes for the Tombstone, but John Cena counters with the AA.

Winner: John Cena

Backstage: Kane walks away from Triple H.

Backstage: Renee Young asks The Miz about his “Miz Brand” match against Damien Mizdow. Miz cuts Renee Young off and says he’s the A-List Superstar, not Damien Mizdow. Miz claims he’s the reason Damien Mizdow has a job in WWE and that Mizdow challenging him for The Miz brand is an absolute joke. Miz hypes The Marine 4, then calls himself a fighting machine.

The Miz tries to hype The Marine 4, but Renee Young cuts Miz off, letting him know that Byron Saxton is backstage speaking to John Cena. Miz is pissed off.

Backstage: Byron Saxton talks to John Cena about the United States Championship Open Challenge. Cena says Kane was unexpected, but that’s what’s great about the Untied States Open Challenge. Cena tries to say that This Sunday, “The Champ Is Here” but gets blindsided by Rusev.

Rusev locks John Cena in the accolade with the chain.

Match 07: Damien Mizdow vs. The Miz (Winner gets The Miz Brand)

Damien Mizdow hits the DDT on The Miz.

Damien Mizdow gets knocked in the ropes. Summer Rae rakes Damien Mizdow’s eyes.

The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Damien Mizdow.

Winner: The Miz

Post-Match, The Miz says it’s only fitting that he says this one more time. Miz tries to go for his “I’m The Miz” catchphrase, but gets hit with an RKO.


Bray Wyatt Speaks:

Bray Wyatt asks what motivates a man to do the things they do. Wyatt asks if it’s money, power or respect, then says it’s a combination of all 3 for most men. Wyatt says this person is different just like him, but it’s fear that can motivate him. Wyatt says you can lift all the weights in the world but you can’t lift your personal failures. Wyatt says that weight will suffocate and blind this person until the only thing that person sees if his face looking down on him.

Bray Wyatt tells this person that there will be a moment where all that person’s hard work will mean nothing and that person will fade away.

Match 08: Ryback vs. Adam Rose

Winner: Ryback

Post-Match, The Rosebuds attack Ryback.

Ryback takes out a Hot Dog and Banana in the Rosebuds.

Ryback asks What Did The Banana say to the Hot Dog? Ryback says “Nothing because their asses just got shell shocked.” Rosa Mendes checks on Adam Rose.

Backstage: Renee Young asks Kane about his “rollercoaster night” tonight, then asks how he feels what was said about him on social media following his loss. Renee mentions the denture cream/box of depends joke Seth Rollins made at Kane’s expense.

Kane storms into The Authority’s office then yells about the joke. Seth Rollins asks how Kane even heard about that since it was supposed to be a private conversation. Everyone slowly turns to Jamie Noble, who looks away.

Kane tells Seth Rollins that he’s here now so say it to his face. Seth Rollins and Kane argue until Rollins screams he’s sorry. Rollin tells Kane that this Orton thing has gotten him on edge. Rollins tells Kane that he knows he helped him win the MITB Contract, but it’s really embarassing when Kane entions it over and over again. Rollins tells Kane that he knows he’s done what he can to help stay on top and that he really appreciates it. Rollins appreciates it so much that he promises to dedicate his match against Dolph Ziggler to Kane. Rollins says Kane is the bigger man literally and figuratively. As Rollins walks off, Randy Orton watches him.

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