So That Happened: #RAW Recap (04/13/15)


RAW begins with the John Cena United States Open Challenge

John Cena says do not adjust the volume of your TV set because RAW is in London and London is loud. Cena says unfortunately for him there are times where London and him don’t get along.

John Cena talks about how great the London crowd is and how much they deserve a Wrestlemania.

John Cena says the powers that be want London to wait and compares it to Rusev waiting for Extreme Rules for his title shot. Cena says he doesn’t want to wait and wants to fight right now. Cena challenges someone to come out and face him for the United States Championship.

Bad News Barrett comes out.


Bad News Barrett gets a loud “Thank You Barrett/Let’s Go Barrett chant from the fans.

Bad News Barrett tells John Cena that for once he agrees with him. Barrett says why should he wait to beat Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules, when he can beat John Cena right now for the United States Championship in the greatest nation of the world, England.

Match 01: John Cena vs. Bad News Barrett

John Cena hits Bad News Barrett with dropkicks and a crossbody.

Bad News Barrett hits the Cactus Elbow on John Cena.

Bad News Barrett catches John Cena with a Tornado Suplex.

Bad News Barrett hits the Wasteland on John Cena.

Bad News Barrett goes for the Bullhammer, but John Cena hits him with the AA.

Bad News Barrett kicks out.

Bad News Barrett hits John Cena with the Bullhammer.

John Cena kicks out.

John Cena catches Bad News Barrett with the Springboard Stunner into the AA.

Winner: John Cena

Post-Match, Rusev’s music plays.

Lana brings up John Cena out on calling out Rusev for waiting. A loud Lana Chant breaks out.

After a loud Lana chant, Rusev attacks John Cena with a chain.

Lana tells John Cena that she and Rusev negotiated with The Authority and that Rusev’s match against John Cena at Extreme Rules will be a Russian Chain Match.

Rusev stands over John Cena with the chain, yelling at him.

Match 02:Β Number One Contender Divas Battle Royal

The Bella Twins come down to the ring.

Paige comes out to the ring.

Nikki Bella insults Rosa Mendes on commentary.

Rosa Mendes ends up eliminating Natalya and Summer Rae.


It’s down to Alicia Fox, Cameron, Naomi and Paige

Naomi takes out Alicia Fox and Cameron with the Rear View.

Cameron and Alicia Fox end up being eliminated.

Paige catches Naomi with a super kick, then eliminates her.

Winner: Paige

Post-Match, Paige and The Bella Twins have a staredown.

Post-Staredown, Byron Saxton asks Paige about what’s going through her mind about winning the Divas Battle Royal. Paige says a year ago, she made her WWE Debut and two weeks ago, she teamed with AJ Lee to win her first Wrestlemania. Paige tells Saxton that nothing feels better than working in her home country, winning this battle royal in front of everyone.

Paige talks about her start, wrestling in carnivals and gyms, getting paid 5 pounds a match, just to make it into the WWE. Paige says to make it in front of the biggest stage in the world in front of her Father, brother and the world, Paige says this is her house. Suddenly, Naomi attacks Paige.

Naomi continues to brutally assault Paige.


Bray Wyatt Speaks:

Bray Wyatt talks about love being an obsession and an a sin. Wyatt talks about love consuming your well being that can cost you everything you want. Wyatt tells that person that they’re in luck because he wants to rip out that love like a cancer and feel the empty void with good old fashion fear. Wyatt says fear is stronger than love and sooner than later, this person will have to watch everything they love fade away. Wyatt asks what this person will do when the thing they love is taken away from them. Wyatt tells this friend to pay close attention and to behold The New Face Of Fear.

Match 03: The Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension


The Lucha Dragons make quick work of The Ascension

Winners: The Lucha Dragons

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