3 Count: #NXTheme – The Winner

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling & Wrestling Related Music:
The Good, The Bad & The Cheesy

The last round of NXT had our biggest turnout yet! Thank you for all your participation in our first ever tournament. All of your voting makes us want to do this again soon! We think we picked the right theme to start though; NXT is the most talked about part of the WWE Network. And the entire NXT production is great, right down to its entrance themes.

So who won our first ever NXTheme: Kevin Owens or Finn Balor? Well the road to the finals was not easy for either Superstar’s theme. Owens had to take on opponents like CJ Parker, his opponent in his NXT and NXT Takeover debut, and Alex Riley, the wrestler turned Analyst that Owens forced out of retirement. Balor took on former in-ring opponent The Brian Kendrick and fan favorites like Enzo and Cass and Emma. The Final 4 looked like the top of the NXT Championship contenders: Owens, Balor, Itami and Zayn. Any outcome would be exciting from a theme and an in-ring perspective. But when the voting settled, we were down t the NXT Champion and the NXT #1 Contender.3MB_NXTheme2015 - Winner - SmallIt was close but Finn Balor’s “Catch Your Breath” defeated Kevin Owens’ “Fight.” On the one hand it makes sense. “Catch Your Breath” broke the Top 10 on the iTunes Rock Charts when it was released. Plus, Balor sometimes breaks out a special costumed entrance, adding a cool element on top of the dramatic music. Plus, everyone raises their arms to both the music and and visual cue along with Balor:

It’s awesome. Go ahead, do it at home. We won’t tell anyone. We do it all the time.

Congratulations, Finn! You may not get an award but you do get Bragging Rights!


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