So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season 03 Finale (03/08/15)


A Bella Exposed:

The Bella Twins are hanging out with their cousins, when they get an accidental text from their brother, JJ.


After the Bella Family has a good laugh at JJ’s expense, Brie tells Nikki not to show anyone else the photo.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella talk about the book Daniel Bryan is writing. Brie asks if she’s the book and Bryan jokes that she isn’t.

Daniel Bryan mentions that he should put the first time they tried to have sex in the book. Brie and Bryan reminisce about their first time, which included Bryan not bolting the door, and an invasion from #ScumbagSheamus, who interrupted the moment.

Later, JJ Bella comes over to Brie and Daniel Bryan’s place. After JJ and Brie fail to get an ornament over, Brie brings up the naked selfie. JJ insists it was an accident and it was meant for his wife Lauren.

Brie Bella tells JJ that Nikki showed the photo to the rest of their cousins. JJ is pissed that Nikki would show that to the rest of the family. Brie agrees that it’s an invasion of privacy. At the Bella Family Brunch, Brie lets Nikki know that JJ knows that she showed everyone the photo. Nikki doesn’t seem to care.

JJ’s wife, Lauren, shows up and tells family that JJ is not coming out tonight. Nikki Bella realizes she hurt JJ and later goes to apologize to him. Rather than apologize, Nikki Bella and JJ get into it further, with JJ saying he’s a private person and doesn’t flaunt everything around like Nikki. Nikki doesn’t think she flaunts and the two get into another argument. Nothing gets resolved.


Later at RAW, Paige sees on Instagram that Nikki Bella posted something unusual to her Instagram. The Divas have a good laugh at Nikki Bella’s post.


Nikki Bella reveals the Instagram post is an old love letter from John Cena. The Total Divas find it adorable, but Nikki says she didn’t post it and that someone hacked her phone.

Nikki Bella talks to Brie about JJ possibly hacking her phone. Brie reveals that she was the one who uploaded the photo to Nikki’s Instagram. Brie did it to show Nikki how it feels to have her personal business everywhere.  Nikki reluctantly agrees, then tells Brie that she’ll get revenge.

The Next Big Cat:

Natalya meets Grumpy Cat then talks to Grumpy Cat’s agent about how she almost got her cats into CatFancy Magazine. After her rejection from CatFancy magazine, Natalya tells Tyson Kidd her plans to get their cats, Machiavelli and Louie into Hollywood. Tyson doesn’t agree, but Natalya insists.

Since Natalya is busy, she asks her Mom, Ellie to help her with some errands like getting the cats hair trimmed, When Ellie comes back from the vet, has too many issues going on right now and gets some help with her Mom. When the cats come back, they all have terrible haircuts. Natalya is upset because this will hurt her cat’s chances in Hollywood.


Paige’s New Boo?

Paige is getting her new shoes and talking to Cameron when she gets a call from her friend Bradley Wadren, lead singer of the band Emarosa. Bradley is excited to see Paige in Key West this weekend, but Paige seems indifferent. Paige reveals to Cameron that she’s not looking for a relationship and would prefer a fun buddy.

The Three Amigas go to Key West with Paige’s friend Jake and Bradley. Rosa Mendes tells Paige that she has a room just for Paige and Bradley, which Paige isn’t too thrilled about. After spying on Bradley singing in the shower, Bradley asks if Paige if she wants to go out for a drink. Paige would rather hang out with everyone.

On the vacation, Paige, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes do fun things like jet-skiing and watch Paige get frustrated while trying to pay a bill.

The Three Amigas, Jake and Bradley go to the beach. While at the beach, Paige meets a guy and introduces Bradley has her Friend With Benefits. Bradley is unhappy about this, but Paige doesn’t care because she’s single.

While on the cruise ship, Bradley sings the song he wrote for Paige. Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes love it and are more emotional about it than Paige is.


Apparently, the song works, because Paige ends up kissing Bradley.

Later on, Paige is stand-offish to Bradley. Bradley vents to Alicia Fox about his feelings for Paige. Alicia knows Bradley is sensitive and understands, but also sides with Paige since Bradley should know Paige is a “wild child.”

Back at the house, Bradley calls Paige out on being hot/cold. Paige tells Bradley that she does not want to be in a relationship and that she just wants to be “fun buddies.”

After Bradley storms out of the house, Paige tells Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes about what just happened. Alicia and Rosa are shocked that Paige was so cold to Bradley and sympathize with him, even if Paige doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Paige starts to breakdown and open up about her emotional past relationships, where she was hurt.

Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes hug Paige and let her know they didn’t know she was going through that. Alicia and Rosa let Paige know that Bradley is a great guy and that he’s not Paige’s ex.

Later, Paige opens up to Bradley about her past relationship, which is the reason why she finds it hard to commit to anyone. Paige doesn’t want to be hurt like she was in the past and that’s why she is afraid of being committed. Bradley says he knows that’s how Paige is, but he still cares about her. And that he’s not going anywhere. Paige and Bradley hug.


In case you missed it:

Rosa Mendes gets waxed:

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