So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (01/25/15)


Total Divas begins with Eva Marie getting a visit from The Bella Twins. The Bella Twins feel up Eva Marie’s boobs, saying they look brand new. Jonathan politely asks The Bella Twins to stop groping his wife.


Brie Bella calls out Nikki Bella for not wearing any underwear. After Nikki Bella stands up, Jonathan wipes where she was sitting. Nikki jokingly says she didn’t leave a “snail trail” on the couch.

The next day, The Bella Twins meet Natalya, Naomi and Cameron for brunch. Naomi gets a bug out of Natalya’s hair.

Natalya brings up Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan’s robbery. Brie calls the robbery a devastating experience and the worst feeling in the world. Naomi asks if Brie and Bryan have security (They don’t.) Natalya worries if the robbers will come back for revenge.

This is the last thing Brie Bella wants to talk about right now, but Brie lets the other Divas know that the cops recommended getting a gun.

Jonathan and Eva Marie are driving when Eva Marie gets a phone call from Tara Carraro, letting her know that Muscle and Fitness want her to do another shoot.


Eva Marie is concerned about getting tight and tone for the photoshoot.

Rosa Mendes and Paige go shopping. Rosa asks if she looks tired and wrinkly, but Paige tells her she’s beautiful. Paige wants to help Rosa feel more confident.

While Paige and Rosa Mendes keep shopping, Rosa Mendes thinks Paige is beautiful and says Paige turns her on.

Later, Cameron and Eva Marie are working out. Cameron jokes around, while Eva tries really hard to look the best she can. Eva tries a little too hard and almost falls off the treadmill. Cameron thinks Eva is taking the workout too hard.

Later, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are messing with the alarm system to protect their house.


Brie Bella hates that they have to use an alarm system now, but reveals to Bryan that she also wants a gun. Bryan thinks that a gun is not the answer.

Later, Paige and Rosa Mendes are hanging out with Alicia Fox and her sister Christina. Rosa Mendes does sexual moans on the couch, then Paige jokes and does the same thing.

After the moaning, Paige and Rosa Mendes check out Alicia Fox’s closet. While going through Fox’s enormous closet, Rosa asks if anyone else has been with women. Paige reveals she’s been with a girl before and it’s the 21st century. This really excites Rosa.

Paige leaves to go train and Rosa Mendes tells Alicia Fox and Christina Fox that she wants to be more than friends with Paige. Alicia thinks Rosa is coming on too strong and needs to be careful because she could ruin the “Three Amigas” friendship.

Cameron, Eva Marie and Natalya are talking and eating bananas. While talking, Eva Marie tells Cameron and Natalya that she thinks she’s been skipping meals to prepare for her shoot.

Cameron and Eva Marie go out to production trucks and Eva continues to complain about her looks.


Cameron thinks Eva looks great, then asks Titus O’Neil if Eva looks good on a scale of 1-10. Titus calls himself a 10 and Eva a 10. Titus also calls Cameron an 8 because of her attitude.
Cameron and Titus O’Neil keep talking as Titus O’Neil keeps downgrading Cameron’s 1-10 score. Cameron jokes that Titus is a 1.

The Total Divas work with Mike Monteforte, Vince McMahon’s personal trainer. After working out, Brie Bella and Natalya talk about the robbery. Brie thinks the alarm is good, but is not completely secure. Brie wants more. The trainer thinks Brie isn’t overreacting and says he used to work in corrections. The trainer recommends dogs, barbed wire, etc. Anything to keep people out.

Later, The Three Amigas are having dinner. Paige is dressed casually. Alicia Fox switches her conversation to family and asks if Rosa if wants a family with a man or a woman. Right now, Rosa says woman. Alicia Fox starts to feel like a 3rd wheel.

While at the dinner, Rosa Mendes and Paige continue to play around and Rosa accidentally hits Paige with her boob. Paige jokingly falls out of the chair.

After the dinner, Alicia Fox goes her separate ways with Paige and Rosa Mendes. As Rosa Mendes and Paige hug and say goodbye, Rosa uses this opportunity to kiss Paige.

Paige is not into it.


Paige asks Rosa Mendes what that was about and Rosa lets Paige know how she feels about her. Paige responds…

Paige only thinks of Rosa as a friend and feels bad if she sent her mixed signals. Rosa is shocked and really thought Paige was into her.

The next day, Daniel Bryan picks up Brie Bella from the airport. After talking about Josie, Brie Bella talks about training with Vince McMahon’s trainer Mike, and mentions the idea of “Bob Wire” on their house. Bryan jokes about Brie Bella calling it “Bob Wire.” Brie always thought it was called that.

Brie Bella suggests a motion sense dog barking device that would beep 10ft. away. Daniel Bryan jokes about getting a crossbow. Brie gets upset that Bryan isn’t taking this seriously. Bryan is only making fun of Brie because she thinks it’s ridiculous.

Paige and Alicia Fox go down to the WWE Performance Center to train with the future WWE Divas. Rosa Mendes was supposed to be there but she no-showed. After training, Paige tells Alicia Fox about Rosa’s kiss. Alicia tells Paige that she warned Rosa about it. Paige insists that she was just being a friend, but Alica thinks she might have been sending mixed signals. Paige hopes she and Rosa can still be friends after this.

Eva Marie and Cameron go shopping in LA. While shopping, Cameron catches Eva Marie in the dressing room, hunched over and lightheaded.

The next day, Brie Bella is installing “Bob Wire” into her house. When Daniel Bryan gets home and sees it, he is not happy that Brie didn’t mention anything about this to him.


Daniel Bryan thinks Brie should have at least asked the neighbors if this was okay. Brie starts to put up Beware Of Dog signs, but Bryan mentions how no one is afraid of Josie.

Daniel Bryan continues to make fun of Brie Bella, saying he’s going to make a Nuclear Bomb Shelter with Josie. Brie gets upset at Bryan’s jokes, but Bryan continues.

Later, Paige and Alicia Fox are driving around, talking about Rosa Mendes. Paige calls Rosa Mendes, but Rosa doesn’t pick up.

Paige and Alicia Fox continue to hang out, when Alicia calls Rosa. Rosa picks up on the first ring and invites her out, which pisses Paige off since Rosa completely ignored her phone call.

Alicia Fox and Paige meet up with Rosa Mendes. Paige mentions that Paige is drinking, but Rosa says it’s a diet coke. Rosa storms off and Paige follows her.

Paige is pissed about Rosa ignoring her and was concerned that Rosa was drinking. Rosa insists she wasn’t drinking and just needed space. Rosa doesn’t like Paige confronting her and the two continue arguing until Alicia Fox tries to stop them from fighting.

Alicia Fox tries to get them to make up, but Rosa Mendes wants to hang out with her friends.

Later, Eva Marie and Cameron are driving while Jonathan is in the backseat. Eva is excited to be hanging out.

Cameron and Jonathan start dropping hints about how much they love Eva, which starts to freak Eva out. Eva slowly starts to think that they’re planning an intervention for her (Which they are.)

Back at Daniel Bryan and Brie Bellas’s house, Bryan continues to joke about Brie Bella’s overprotection of the house. Brie says if the fence goes down, she wants to move. Bryan reminds Brie of all the hard work they put into this house, including the 16 hours of shoveling. Bryan suggests starting a Neighborhood Watch for their house and tells Brie that they can’t live their life in fear.

Brie Bella tells Bryan that if he starts a Neighborhood Watch, she may be open to saying. Brie says goodbye to the fence, but Bryan promises that Brie and Josie will never be harmed.

Cameron lets Eva Marie know about this drawing exercise, where Eva tells an artist (Who can’t see her), what she sees when she sees herself. The artist will draw Eva Marie based off her description. After that, Cameron’s friend Christopher will describe her and the artist will draw her.

While Eva Marie describes herself, she calls herself pear-shaped with cellulite. Jonathan and Cameron can’t believe how bad Eva Marie is describing herself.

Christopher gives Eva Marie a complete opposite description. After the exercise, Eva sees the two drawings and starts to cry.

Cameron cries feeling upset that Eva feels that way. Jonathan and Cameron talk with Eva, trying to find out the root of the problem. Eva thinks her insecurities stem from being a role model and trying to be perfect all the time. Eva agrees to work on her insecurities one step at a time.

Natalya is hanging out with Alica Fox and Paige, when Rosa Mendes walks by. Paige tries to call Rosa over, but Rosa doesn’t want to speak to her.

Natalya asks about what happened and Paige lets Natalya know about the Rosa kiss. Natalya also thinks Paige gave off the impression that she was interested in her.

Alicia Fox tells Paige that people are just naturally attracted to her because of her great personality. Paige still doesn’t see it and wants to apologize, but can’t.

At Smackdown, Paige in her fur coat, walks over to Rosa Mendes. Rosa doesn’t want to argue, but Paige just wants to talk.

Paige apologizes to Rosa Mendes about giving off the wrong impression and she didn’t realize she was overly flirtatious. Paige thinks she’s a great friend and thinks Rosa is lovely, but doesn’t want Rosa to be upset. Rosa apologizes for being so sensitive and calls herself fragile and emotional. Paige understands where Rosa is coming from and the two of them make up.


Rosa jokes that she’s never heard Paige say “Sorry” to anyone. Paige jokes that she doesn’t have a heart.

Eva Marie has her photoshoot with Muscle and Fitness. The photographer is impressed with how tiny Eva Marie is.

So That Happened:

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