What a Maneuver: Holy Shynron!

In What A Maneuver, 3MBooth looks at moves that make us say What A Maneuver!

High Flying maneuvers are part Athleticism, part Science, part Art and part Luck. It’s why the phrase “high risk, high reward,” is associated with them. But wrestlers carry that concern with them as they fly through the air. Shynron, though, seems to shrug that off each time he takes flight.

3MB_CHIKARA_KOT2014_0287Our introduction to Shynron was during Chikara’s King of Trios 2014. He competed in the 2 day mini-tournament for the title of Rey de Voladores or King of High Flyers. Not only did he advance to the finals but he won, after hitting this move:

3MB_CHIKARA_KOT2014_0285We can’t count the rotations. How he’s able to get more than 450 degrees in this move is beyond us. He might just be a magician and this is an optical illusion. But that’s not the only time Shynron has defied math, gravity or logic.

At PWS, Shynron took a wrestling move – the Coast to Coast or the Van Terminator – and elevated it. Normally, the move is when someone jumps from one turnbuckle to the next parallel turnbuckle to delivery a drop. Here’s how Rob Van Dam made it famous:

Shynron executed the move; but, instead of going from parallel turnbuckles, Shynron leaped from one turnbuckle to the diagonal turnbuckle!

Much like his move of many rotations, we cannot figure out the math to pull this off. When you have to break out trigonometry and physics to figure out how he got from one part of the ring to the other, that can only be described as “What a Maneuver!”

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2 Responses to What a Maneuver: Holy Shynron!

  1. Sam Walker says:

    Well he didn’t do it in a 20 x 20′ ring, so he didn’t jump as far, or roughly the same distance, as RVD.


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