So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (01/18/15)


Brie Bella is facing Summer Rae on RAW. The Total Divas make fun of Summer Rae. Natalya compliments Summer Rae’s hair, but no one believes her.

Paige sticks up for Summer Rae, saying she was the only person who was her friend when she first arrived. Paige’s good comments mean nothing. Natalya “I can buy better.” Alicia Fox says I can buy better. Alicia Fox and Natalya start dancing around while Paige is upset they’re making fun of her friend.

At the gym, John Cena jokes about Nikki Bella being cold because of her visibly hard nipples. Nikki says she just had a facial, so she can’t sweat. Cena jokes and tosses an iron plate at Nikki. Luckily, the iron plate isn’t weighted.

John Cena and Nikki Bella joke about who is the fastest between them. Cena’s friend Rob suggests a race, but Cena doesn’t want to embarrass her. Rob suggests a Decathlon, a series of events to determine who’s the best.

John Cena jokes that if the one of the contests were hardest nipples. Nikki Bella would win.

At Eva Marie and Jonathan’s place, Eva Marie is having an issue with her chest. Jonathan checks her chest and thinks silicon is ruptured and could be very dangerous. Eva is upset because it could damage her progress and her career.

Eva Marie cries on the bed, but Jonathan suggests she use a darker pillow so she doesn’t leave a stain. Eva is not pleased.

The Divas are getting ready for RAW. Big Show comments on the Brie Bella’s Brie Mode shirt, saying he would look like the Michelin Man if he wore that. Brie says it helps with the Time Of The Month, which creeps Big Show and Heath Slater out.

Natalya and Paige wrestle. During the match, Paige seductively crawls on Natalya.

After the match, Natalya calls Paige out on her kissing her and flirting with her. Paige tells Natalya that it’s part of her character, but Natalya thinks Paige should rely more on her talent than sex.

Paige tells Natalya if she doesn’t want her to do it, she won’t do it.


Later, Eva Marie and Jonathan go to see Dr. Kim. Jonathan jokes around and plays with the silicon, putting it in his tanktop and hugging Eva Marie with them.

Dr. Kim finds out Eva Marie’s silicone are 10 years old and has a leaking implant in her breast tissue. Dr. Kim suggests she takes her implants out. Jonathan asks about her getting back into the ring and Dr. Kim suggests 2-3 months. Dr. Kim takes Eva Marie’s blood and they will find out in a couple days if she’s okay.

Later. Natalya is venting to Cameron and Eva Marie about Paige, claiming she is using her sexual moves on her path to being a porn star. Cameron suggests if Natalya doesn’t like it, she doesn’t do it. Natalya comments that maybe Rosa Mendes would like it.

Paige, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox show up. Paige gives Rosa and Alicia a big hug, which annoys Nattie. Paige tells Nattie that they’re going to wrestle, and that they will have a good ol’ fashion wrestling match.


Eva Marie gets a phone call saying she needs her implants out ASAP. The Divas ask if Eva Marie is okay, and she hides what’s going on with her right now.

The next day, Nikki Bella tells Natalya and Naomi about her competition. Naomi and Natalya think she has no chance, which Nikki is surprised about. Nikki vows to defeat John Cena.

Later, John Cena and Nikki Bella prepare for their competition, groping each other and giving each other a pep talk.

Nikki Bella asks if she gets a trophy if she wins. John Cena jokes and says he’ll get her a friendly trophy of bees.

Nikki Bella and John Cena begin their Decathlon. John Cena walks out in an all black leotard.


John Cena vs. Nikki Bella begins with a friendly Go-Kart competition. The competition gets intense when Cena bumps into Nikki Bella.

John Cena wins the Go-Kart competition.

John Cena and Nikki Bella continue their games, playing golf, and skeeball, with John Cena mocking Nikki and winning every single time.


Eva Marie is tossing clothes from the top floor to the second floor because she doesn’t want to carry it down. Jonathan tells her that it’s not a treehouse and adults live here.

Jonathan asks Eva Marie about what day is the surgery, so he can take off work and go with her. Eva tells Jonathan that she cancelled the surgery.. Eva Marie and Jonathan get into another fight over Eva’s health. Eva says it’s her body, her decision. Jonathan is pissed that she’s keeping all of this from her.

In the last round of the Decathlon, it’s John Cena vs. Nikki Bella in Beer Pong. John Cena is dressed as a Frat Boy, calling himself “The Spence.” Deek Stokes.

Nikki Bella almost wins. John Cena is down to one cup, but Cena starts to overcome the odds.

John Cena comes back and wins Beer Pong.

John Cena has an over the top celebration and Nikki Bella spills beer on him and storms upstairs.

Afterwards, John Cena goes upstairs and apologizes to Nikki Bella for offending her. Nikki says that Cena didn’t take this seriously, but Cena didn’t think it was supposed to be serious, especially with the way he dressed. Cena tells Nikki that he wanted to have fun and the most important thing was that they spent time together.

Nikki Bella and John Cena kiss and makeup, despite Cena smelling like beer.

Eva Marie and Cameron are driving, when Eva gets a phone call from Mark Carrano, asking about Eva Marie’s medical condition. Eva Marie is furious and leaves Jonathan a voicemail about her going over his head to her boss to talk about her condition.

Later, Eva Marie comes downstairs in her pajamas and confronts Jonathan about calling Mark Carrano.

Eva Marie and Jonathan get into a huge argument over it, with Eva saying that Jonathan had noΒ right to go over her head like that. Jonathan tells Eva that he doesn’t care and that her health comes first, and he would embarrass her in front of the President Of The United States if it meant she was okay. Eva Marie and Jonathan continue to argue.

Later, The Bella Twins and Eva Marie go to the “Bliss Bar.” Nikki wants to get drunk enough to get her cowgirl/reverse cowgirl on. Brie Bella makes fun of Nikki Bella’s Charlie Brown clothes, while Eva hopes to get advice on her injury.

Eva Marie reveals to The Bella Twins about her silicone injury, and The Bella Twins tell her how dangerous Eva wrestling is for her career, the Divas careers and her life. Nikki tells Eva that 9 weeks of no action is not worth having poison in her body, and shares her injury and redemption story.


Eva Marie listens to The Bella Twins advice and thanks them for the help. The Bella Twins cheer to Eva’s health and joke that Daniel Bryan is paying for the bill.

At RAW, Natalya tells Paige that she wants to have a good, strong match tonight and one that Stephanie’s children would be okay watching. Paige tells Nattie that she won’t do any sexual stuff to Natalya during the match.

During the match, Paige licks Natalya’s cheek as the Divas look shocked.


Natalya dumps Paige on her head with a German Suplex.

Post-Match, Natalya is pissed Paige for being sexual with her, saying that it was unnecessary. Paige tries to tell Natalya that the crowd loves it, but Natalya doesn’t care.

Paige reminds Natalya that her sexual actions pissed Natalya off, and brought out an aggressive side to Nattie and the Nattie she loves watching and wrestling, because Nattie is a good wrestler. Natalya agrees, then decide to compromise and licks Paige.

Natalya starts to grope and fondle Paige.

Later, Eva Marie finally has the silicone replacement surgery.

After the surgery, Eva thanks Jonathan and admits he was right about her health. Eva gets a phone call from Cameron, who jokes that they better miss her when she’s gone.

So That Happened:

After Total Divas with Special Guest Lana (Worth Watching):

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