Highlight Reel: NJPW on AXS TV

In Highlight Reel, 3MB will look at funny and interesting wrestling videos

We’re stil buzzing from Wrestle Kingdom 9, the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) / Global Force Wrestling (GFW) Pay Per View that aired live from Japan a few weeks ago. It could be the amount of caffeine we ingested to stay awake for a 2am – 6am EST Pay Per View. It could be the incredible feats we saw, like Ibushi’s suplex from the apron to the ring on Nakamura. It could be hearing Jim Ross call wrestling and Matt Striker “mark out, bro” again. Or it could be that we may have already seen the match of the year for 2015 on just the fourth day in the calendar year. Whatever the reason, we were excited to see more of NJPW; they will have a weekly show airing on Fridays on AXS TV. And based on this trailer:

Wait. What?

The first trailer for NJPW on AXS TV looks more like the wrestling aimed towards a younger audience. It’s not that different from the approach that Saturday Morning Slam took; it made sense for Slam: wedged between Justice League Unlimited and Dragon Ball Z , it could be a bit more comical and cartoon-y. But after the incredible show Wrestle Kingdom 9, the last thing fans wants to see are comic book sounds appearing mid-match like an episode of Batman.

Scratch that. The last thing fans what to see are “dizzy birds” around Tanahashi!

Apparently, AXS TV received the message. They re-released their trailer for NJPW with the graphics and emoticons removed:

We’ll find out soon enough what we’ll see is Kazuchika Okada versus Hiroshi Tanahashi as fans want to see it: hard hitting, no frills wrestling.

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