So That Happened: #RAW AKA #SLAMMY Recap (12/08/14)

Rusev and Lana came out next to trash America.

But Jack Swagger interrupted them and vowed to snap Rusev’s ankle.

Believe it or not, Jack Swagger actually dominated Rusev!

The Usos and The Ryback faced Kane, The Miz and Damien Mizdow.

Damien Mizdow continues to show why he deserved the Slammy he won.


And over again.

After The Usos and The Ryback were victorious, Seth Green tried to raise Ryback’s hand.

But it worked out in Seth Green’s favor.

Ricky Steamboat returned to introduce Match Of The Year!


Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H vs. Batista
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
The Shield vs. Evolution
Team Authority vs. Team Cena

Team Authority vs. Team Cena won.

Dolph Ziggler accepted the Slammy and gave the Slammy to the WWE Universe.


AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae started with a taunt.

And ended with AJ Lee coming out victorious.

Rob Van Dam returned to present the Extreme Moment Of The Year.

Which he had a little bit of trouble with..


Brock Lesnar dominating John Cena
Kane Tombstones Daniel Bryan
Chris Jericho’s Dives onto Bray Wyatt
Seth Rollins drives Dean Ambrose’s head through a cement block

Chris Jericho won the Slammy.

But was the award was accepted by Fandango and Rosa Mendes. Fandango reminded everyone that he beat Chris Jericho over a year ago.

Santa Mick and Noelle Foley made another appearance.

Then, Big Show complained about no one accepting his apology. Big Show vowed to take out John Cena…again.

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