.@11:05: #RejectedSlammys

In @11:05, 3MBooth and the 3MBoothiverse has fun with a wrestling hashtag

Last Monday, RAW had their Annual Slammy Awards which rewards WWE Superstars by giving them awards for Match Of The Year, Superstar Of The Year and the ever so coveted LOL Moment Of The Year.

Since The Slammy’s returned this year, we decided to have a return of our own. It’s the return of HASHTAG WAR(Games)*

This is a totally original, and not @midnight-esque thing (Please don’t sue)*

There are many Slammy Categories, but not every category is a winner.  So today, we’re highliting the best #RejectedSlammys.

Here are some of the best #RejectedSlammys from you, the 3MBoothiverse! Let’s get started.




So what did people think of the hashtags?

Terrific! Also, what’s a Hashtag Wargames without a few jabs at Michael Cole


Great job, 3MBoothiverse! We’ll see you next Slammys!

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