Snapshots: Cyber Monday Punk

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The Monday after Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday. Most major retailers will have deals and discounts online, in an attempt to claim ownership over the Internet that day. Well, you could argue that this weekend, the Internet belonged to CM Punk. The former WWE Champion teamed with his friend and fellow wrestler Colt Cabana to release episode 226 of Colt’s podcast, the Art of Wrestling. In it, Punk speaks for the first time since his departure from the WWE. So, naturally, at midnight on Thanksgiving, CM Punk broke the Internet!

So where exactly was CM Punk for the past few months? Well, you need to check out the podcast to find out. While it covers most of his whereabouts, it doesn’t cover all of them. It seems that the Best in the World traveled to elsewhere to prove that he’s not only the best in our World but also the best in Equestria!

We know that’s not CM Punk. That’s a clip from AMC’s Comic Book Men. In one episode, the guys who run Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash went to a BronyCon to understand the My Little Pony phenomena. They took part in a cosplay contest where we saw CM Pinkie / CM Pony / CM Brony.

3MB_CMPony2We appreciate the detail that this cosplayer went into for this homage. He used Punk’s Bret Hart tribute tights to reference Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He also include  tail and ears to complete the pony transformation. He also designed a custom “Colt of Personality” shirt; not one about Colt Cabana (which is available on, but one referencing the Equestria world. While this shirt isn’t available – trust us, we looked – rumor has it that CM Punk is launching his own Wrestler Store through today! So, check it out; there might even be a Cyber Monday deal to go with it.

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