The IWC: My Little Archie, Brother

3MB wants to Highlight The IWC; No Not that IWC. The Illustrated Wrestling Community

It’s the home stretch to Wrestlemania! That means that this is the last week for any wrestling related tie-ins, be they intentional or accidental. That include the comic world. There are at least two comics that seem to have wrestling related cover tie-ins. The first tie-in brings the magic of friendship to the squared circle. The 29th issue of the comic, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is available this week in places where comics are sold.

The issue involves Cheerilee’s sister who is one of the most famous pro wrestlers in Equestria to rekindle a long simmering sibling rivalry. The covers by Jay P. Fosgitt capture of the squared circle theme of the issue but there’s a Hot Topic exclusive cover that pays homage to wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. Courtesy of CM Pony, here’s what the exclusive cover looks like.

But that’s not the only comics / wrestling cross-over this week. Whatcha gonna do when this comes our way?

Archie comics released a digital exclusive comic: Wrestle Maniacs. In it, Archie and the gang take a gig playing the entrance themes of wrestlers as they head to the ring for wrestling. Naturally, they’re getting more than they bargained for when Rock meets Wrestling:

The issue is a nice homage to the classic wrestling of the 80’s with the Hogan-inspired cover and the Rock N’ Wrestling Era. But Archie comics, which often-times feels like a retro comic, is well aware of the current landscape of wrestling. Maybe this Tweet by Jill Thompson comparing Moose Mason to Brock Lesnar is the source of the inspiration.

But they used the following message on Tumblr to promote the comic.

Moose wearing a Brock Lesnar t-shirt AND using Roman Reigns’ catchphrase? Only in Riverdale.

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