Nation Of Animation: #SurvivorSeries 2014

Last night, the WWE held Survivor Series, live on the WWE Network for just…Actually it was free. A lot happened at Survivor Series, so we’re going to go through it the best way we can…through Animated Gifs!

WWE Survivor Series: 2014

Fandango returned!

As did Rosa Mendes…

Vince McMahon made a blockbuster announcement


Damien Mizdow continued to impress.

And Mizdow became the NEWWWWW WWE Tag Team Champions!

Despite lack of crowd support, the Divas did their best.

No thanks to Tyson Kidd.

Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose was hard hitting

But Dean Ambrose used tables, ladders and chairs to get some revenge.

Team Authority was ready for victory, while Rusev was ready for Summer

Adam Rose and The Bunny had issues with Slater Gator

Which lead to this…

Roman Reigns is almost back!


AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella was a callback to Wrestlemania 28


Which leads to Nikki Bella hitting the Nikki Rack Attack

To become NEWWWW WWE Divas Champion

Team Authority vs. Team Cena begins with a letdown by Mark Henry

But Team Authority evened the odds

Rusev showed his dominance.

But it backfired…

Erick Rowan channeled his inner AJ Lee.

#BigShowRuinsThings courtesy of cdiddy404

Dolph Ziggler carries all of Team Cena on his back

Until Triple H got involved…

Team Authority was about to win. Until..


Sting wasted no time in his WWE Debut!

Thanks to Sting, Team Cena Dolph Ziggler wins!

No thanks to Team Captain, John Cena, but that won’t stop him from celebrating.


Team Authority was officially out of power…and Stephanie McMahon responded in a mature fashion.

P.S. No referees were harmed during the making of Survivor Series

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