So That Happened: #RAW Recap (11/17/14)


RAW begins with The Authority

Triple H hypes Survivor Series with Team Authority vs. Team Cena and the stipulation that if The Authority loses, they’re out of power. Triple H teases the WWE Universe, asking if they like the idea of The Authority being regular employees like them.

After a loud “YES” Chant, Stephanie McMahon tells them to remember how it feels to want something. Triple H calls the WWE Universe sheep and says they need someone to lead them. Triple H brings up Vince McMahon being a hero now, that they cheer and worship, but years ago, he was the Evil Mr. McMahon. Triple H compares The Authority to Mr. McMahon, then says the WWE Universe would rather have the inmates run the asylum. Triple H says last the last time that happened, it was in WCW and WWE picked them up at the auction.

Triple H says at Survivor Series, Team Authority, Captained by Seth Rollins will square off against Team Cena, lead by John Cena. Triple H says if The Authority wins, WWE thrives and everyone benefits, but if they lose, they can’t lose. Triple H hypes the WWE Network being free for the month of November, because the WWE Universe gets to witness The Authority’s greatest victory.

Stephanie McMahon segways into tonight’s RAW. Stephanie mentions she’s tried to get Team Cena to see things The Authority’s way, but they still side with John Cena. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H claim they need to do what’s “Best For Business” and will make sure Team Cena is decimated physically or figuratively.

Triple H announces tonight will be a 10-Man Contract Signing with Team Authority and Team Cena. Stephanie McMahon starts introducing Team Authority, starting with Seth “Oh Captain My Captain” Rollins, then The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, then The Demon Kane, then the new United States Champion, Rusev, and last, but not least, Luke Harper.

Luke Harper adds on that he is a Team Player. Stephanie McMahon says she is proud to have all of them on her team, then mentions that John Cena is still down a member of his team. Stephanie McMahon turns her attention to Ryback, saying their attempts to bring Ryback to Team Authority didn’t go as planned, but the important thing is The Authority isn’t going anywhere. Stephanie tries to warn Ryback, but she gets interrupted by Ryback.

After a loud “Feed Me More” chant, Ryback says The Authority wants what’s Best For Business while John Cena wants What’s Best for the WWE Universe. Ryback says he wants what’s Best For Ryback. Stephanie respects Ryback’s feelings and says respect is something that’s important to her as a McMahon and a member of The Authority. Stephanie says last week, some decisions were made that people regret. Stephanie calls out Kane, who attacked John Cena last week, and Kane apologizes.

Stephanie McMahon tells Ryback that she doesn’t have to believe him, but he should question if he wants to join Team Cena, when John Cena doesn’t respect him. Stephanie McMahon shows multiple clips from a year ago, where John Cena insults Ryback.

Stephanie McMahon tells Ryback that John Cena is jealous of him and loathes him. Stephanie asks Ryback if he trusts John Cena, and tells him to ask himself if he wants the contempt of Team Cena or the respect of Team Authority. Ryback says he plays for the one team he can count on and that’s Team Ryback. Triple H tells Ryback that it’s wise to stay out of the battle.

Triple H turns his attention to everyone else in Team Cena, saying their decimation begins now. Triple H puts Luke Harper in a match against Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title. Triple H mocks John Cena’s catchphrase, saying that Ziggler’s Time Is Up and that Harper’s Time Is Now.


Match 01: Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper

Lilian Garcia announces that this match will be for the Intercontinental Championship.

Match 01: Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper (Intercontinental Championship)

Before the match begins, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury attack Dolph Ziggler with Luke Harper.

Seth Rollins hits Dolph Ziggler with the briefcase.

The referee asks Dolph Ziggler is he can continue. Dolph struggles to get to his feet, then demands that the referee rings the bell.

Luke Harper boots Dolph Ziggler in the head

Luke Harper powerbombs Dolph Ziggler.

Luke Harper misses with a boot

Luke Harper catches Dolph Ziggler with a clothesline

Winner and NEWWWWWWW Intercontinental Champion: Luke Harper

Post-Match, Seth Rollins hits a Curb Stomp on Dolph Ziggler

A New Day: Kofi Kingston

Backstage: The Miz (With Damien Mizdown) is pitching to someone that the two of them of them together would be the Summer Blockbuster of 2015. Miz does his best trailer voice, hyping the movie, then asks for his partner’s opinion.

After silence, The Miz tells Grumpy Cat that he understands that she wants to be taken more seriously. Miz decides to sweeten the pot by presenting to Grumpy Cat, “Grumpy Stuntcat.”

The Miz tells Grumpy Cat that she is just like everybody else, and that she doesn’t know what true talent is. Miz says last time Grumpy Cat had a brilliant idea, it ended up in the litter box. The Miz and Mizdow storm off.

The Miz comes back and apologizes to Grumpy Cat. Miz says that he added her on Facebook. Miz gives Grumpy Cat a kiss.

Match 02: Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya) vs. Adam Rose


The Bunny starts to flirt with Natalya.

Tyson Kidd locks Adam Rose in the Sharpshooter.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Post-Match, Adam Rose tries to attack The Bunny, but The Bunny does this…

The Bunny continues to celebrate.

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