So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season 03 Mid-Season Finale (10/26/14)


The Red Wedding:

Eva Marie and Jonathan get fitted for their wedding. Eva’s dress is “sleek and sexy.” Eva is looking forward to her Dad walking down the aisle. Jonathan plans to have 3 suit changes for the wedding.

Eva Marie gets exactly what she wants. Not only does Eva Marie walk down the aisle with her Father, Barry, but she does it in dark hair, because that’s how her Father will always see her.

After exchanging vows, Eva Marie and Jonathan get married.


At the reception, Eva Marie (Back in red hair), has her first dance with Jonathan and a dance with her Father. The Red Wedding goes off perfectly.

The Pink And Black Divorce:

Fandango creeps in and asks Natalya about her and Tyson Kidd. Natalya claims everything is fine, but feels everyone is talking about her behind her back. Natalya vents to Nikki Bella about everyone in her business, then tells Nikki that she went to a divorce attorney.


Nattie feels that no matter how much she’s hurting, she has to act like everything is perfect. Nattie feels like Tyson doesn’t love her anymore. The problems continue when Natalya wants Eva Marie to sit her away from Tyson at the wedding, maybe by her family or a different friend.

Later, Natalya and Tyson Kidd arrive at Napa Valley for Eva Marie’s wedding. They both agree to stay in separate rooms to make things easier for everyone. Later, Brie Bella (In 100% Brie Mode) invites Natalya out to get hammered with them. Even later, Brie (In 125% Brie Mode), also invites Tyson out to hang out with them. Natalya reveals she’s not wearing her wedding ring.


While at dinner, the situation between Natalya and Tyson Kidd continues to heat up, while Brie (In 150% Brie Mode) makes things worse by trying to save their relationship with wine presents. To make matters worse, Cameron and Vinnie show up and chime in.

After the dinner, Natalya and Tyson Kidd have another drunken fight in the car, and then another fight before the wedding. Natalya tries to escalate the drama further, by pointing out to Cameron that she is stuck sitting with Tyson, when she specifically asked not to be seated next to him. Cameron tries to calm Natalya down, but Natalya tries to change the seating order. Cameron steals Natalya’s pen and orders her a drink.

At the Reception, Natalya realizes how happy Eva Marie and Jonathan are, and feels she and Tyson deserve to be happy. Natalya decides to leave the reception.

Nikki Gives Up:

After Nikki Bella tells John Cena about Nattie/Tyson’s possible divorce, Nikki says this makes her not want to be married. Cena thinks that’s a surprise, but Nikki jokes that part of him is doing a backflip inside.


Later, after talking about Nikki Bella leaving her vibrators near her birth certificate (Because she has a fear of her birth certificate getting stolen), Brie brings up marriage to Nikki. Nikki claims she doesn’t want to get married and feels she’s “technically married” and if it doesn’t happen, she’s okay with it. Brie can’t believe Nikki has changed her tune and feels she’s giving up. Brie thinks it’s sad Nikki is giving up, but Nikki doesn’t feel she’s giving up.

Later, Brie Bella tells the Bella Family that Nikki Bella is over the idea of kids and marriage. JJ’s wife, Lauren thinks Nikki Bella is happy, but JJ thinks Nikki will be resentful someday. The Bella Family debates over Nikki’s decision of having kids. Brie and JJ want to talk to John Cena about this, despite The Bella Family disapproving.

After going Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, Brie brings up marriage to Nikki Bella again, but Nikki insists that she’s happy. The teasing continues, as Brie gets more drunk off the wine.

Later, at The Red Wedding, Nikki Bella reveals that she would love to be the girl in the white dress and get married, but she knows she’s never going to have it. Nikki is okay with not having this, and considers herself a realist. Brie is upset at Nikki’s behavior and wants to talk to John Cena about this.

John Cena has breakfast with Kathy, JJ and Brie Bella. Brie tells Cena about Nikki’s feelings, but Cena stands up for himself, saying he was clear about this from day one. JJ thinks Cena should let Nikki go, and let her find what she wants in life. Cena says he can only be brutally honest with her and although his brutal honesty comes off as nonchalant, he really does love Nicole.

Kathy stands up for John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship, saying that Nikki could’ve changed her mind about the whole thing. Kathy understands where Brie Bella and JJ are coming from, but she doesn’t want them making decisions for Nikki.

Later, Nikki Bella and John Cena have a talk. Cena thinks he’s not giving Nikki the chance of finding out what she wants for her life. Cena brings up Nikki’s sacrifices, and thinks marriage and kids is something she really wants. Cena doesn’t want Nikki to settle for him, and asks her if she wants marriage and kids. Nikki admits she still does want marriage and kids. John Cena says if you love something, you let it go. Nikki asks if Cena is letting her go…


So That Happened:

Oh, You Didn’t Know? (This also happened on Total Divas):

John Cena struggles to fold panties:

John Cena beats Nikki Bella in Tic Tac Toe:

Brie Bella drunk dials Natalya:


Layla makes a cameo on Total Divas:

Next Season on Total Divas:

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