I Was There: FWE Refueled (Night 2 – 10/04/14)

In “I Was There” 3MB provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

Bret Hart famously said that Madison Square Garden isn’t a church but it’s holy ground. It has been home to countless shows, including the several Wrestlemanias. But it is rarely a place where you start. For those starting (or continuing their careers) on the independent scene, they seek out other places to compete. So while MSG is the Mecca of professional wrestling, there are other places to visit first like St. Patrick’s Gym, which is holy ground adjacent. Right next to St. Patrick’s Church in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, the Gym was the site for FWE’s Refueled 2 Night event. We were there for the second night and, for the main event, people weren’t chanting “Holy Spirit;” they chanted Holy something else.

3MB_FWE_20141004_0124The Main Event featured 4 Tag Teams – Tony Nese and Jigsaw, Adrenaline Express, Bad Influence and The Young Bucks – competed for the FWE Tag Team Championships in a Ladder match. When you get a chance to see any of these 8 competitors, it’s a special night. Seeing all of them? And a ladder? And Tables? Well, the match could not be told through just words and pictures. You also need GIFs and Video!

When it comes to aerial skills, everyone left their feet.

The Young Bucks applied their tag team specialty to all 6 of their competitors!

Jigsaw went Coast to Coast on Christopher Daniels!

And his tag partner, Tony Nese, did a 450 Splash Through a Table!

And then they started using ladders!


It’s not a Young Bucks match without a Superkick party. This time, the party had a few crashers: Jigsaw and Tony Nese came in with Superkicks of their own.

After the kicks were delivered, there were still ladders to climb and gold to retrieve.

3MB_FWE_20141004_0150No team looked at ease more than the Young Bucks. They proceeded to elevate their tag team moves, like their spiked tombstone piledriver, using the ladder to get extra impact.

They were even able to create the Mile High Club of Super Kick Parties! Nick Jackson hit EJ Risk with the No Mercy Low Blow and then Superkicked him from the Ladder Penthouse apartment down to the basement. Oh, and he went through 2 tables along the way, for added measure.

Ultimately, the Young Bucks grabbed the titles from the top of the Gym to become the NEW FWE Tag Team Champions! As a show a respect, Handshakes and Too Sweets were exchanged.

Listen, this was just one match. It was the culmination of the night’s events but that wasn’t the only time the wrestling fans in St. Patrick’s Gym were on the edge of their seats.

The tag match wasn’t the only memorable match of the night. Candice Le Rae shined in not one but two matches!

3MB_FWE_20141004_0049Candice was scheduled to be in a mystery tag team match again Christina Von Eerie. Her partner was – No Surprise! – Joey Ryan. Von Eerie’s partner was – Surprise! – Carlito! The first encounter between Carlito and Candice was confusing for both sides. Candice went for her patented headscissors takeover which Carlito shrugged off.

Undeterred, Candice double-downed and went for a high crotch German Suplex aka, the BALLSPLEX!

Well, that did not sit well with Carribbean Cool! Once he gathered his bearings, he proceeded to tell Candice that he didn’t think she was cool. You know, in that Carlito way:

A video posted by Kyle (@keepitfivestar) on Oct 10, 2014 at 7:06pm PDT

Candice and Joey prevailed in this match but the night wasn’t over for Ms. Le Rae. After Ivelisse defeated Maria for the FWE Women’s championship, Candice came out to challenge the new champion.


The two had a hard fought match but Candice took advantage of a distraction from the former women’s champion. Joey Ryan ran in to kick Ivelisse, allowing Candice to hit the Ballsplex on the new woman’s champion. So now we have a NEW Women’s champion: Joey Ryan Candice LeRae!

All in all, it was a great night for wrestling. There were many more matches and moments. We encourage everyone to see wrestling live, whether it be at Madison Square Garden or a gym. Tommy Dreamer – after battling Drew Galloway (formerly Drew McIntryre) described the feeling of being in front of the FWE fans and being in the independent wrestling scene.

Check out all our photos from the event on our Facebook page and be sure to check out FWE or any independent wrestling company when they’re in town.

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