So That Happened: #RAW Recap (10/27/14)


RAW begins with The Authority.

The Authority hypes Hell In A Cell from last night, saying you could relive all of it on the WWE Network for just $9.99.

Triple H briefly mentions that Randy Orton disappointed The Authority last night, then praises Seth Rollins for his victory against Dean Ambrose at Hell In A Cell. Triple H introduces Seth Rollins as the Standard Bearer, based off his performance last night. Seth Rollins comes down to the ring.

Stephanie McMahon gives Seth Rollins a second introduction.

After a loud “You Sold Out” chant, Seth Rollins claims that Dean Ambrose is out of his hair and that his rivalry with Ambrose is finally over.

After a loud Ambrose chant, Rollins reminds the WWE Universe that he just said he’s through with Rollins and now he’s moving on to John Cena. After a loud “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks” chant, Seth Rollins says he’s going to “See John Cena”leave John Cena lying in a pool of his own failure, just like Dean Ambrose.

Seth Rollins is interrupted by Randy Oton.

Randy Orton quickly rushes to the ring, then rambles about Seth Rollins’ new nicknames, The Authority mocking him for losing at Hell In A Cell, Seth Rollins knocking him out, his Anger Management from 06, and his problems with Seth Rollins. Orton reminds The Authority that if they didn’t deal with it, he would.


The Authority breaks up Randy Orton and Seth Rollins as Triple H says that they are not doing this tonight.

Triple H tells Randy Orton to get on his bus and take the night off. Triple H says tonight is not the night to deal with this. Triple H continues to try and calm Randy Orton down, but Randy Orton takes Seth Rollins out with an RKO.

Match 01: Mark Henry and Big Show vs. Gold and Stardust (WWE Tag Team Titles)

Stardust meets Sexual Chocolate.

Mark Henry is upset at the way Big Show tagged him.

Big Show almost wins the match, but Mark Henry hits him with the World’s Strongest Slam.


Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions: Goldust and Stardust

Post-Match, Mark Henry hits Big Show with two more World’s Strongest Slams

Backstage: Mark Henry tells Renee Young that he attacked Big Show before Big Show attacked him. Henry claims Big Show is jealous of him, and always has been jealous.

Interview with “The Juggernaut” Roman Reigns:

Roman Reigns says he’s great, but he’s getting stronger everyday. But he is doing anything to be in San Antonio. Reigns says Ambrose/Rollins was complete carnage and that they tore the house down. Reigns calls Ambrose his boy and calls Rollins a weasel. Reigns says Rollins hides behind everyone including Bray Wyatt. Reigns mentions that Seth Rollins calls himself the future, but when he comes back, he’s going to make sure Seth Rollins is the past.


Match 02: AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox

Paige is on commentary.

“Let’s Go AJ” chants break out.

AJ Lee reverses Alicia Fox’s bodyslam into a DDT.

Paige pushes Alicia Fox and tells her to win.

AJ Lee rolls up Alicia Fox.


Winner: AJ Lee

Post-Match, Paige tries to calm Alicia Fox down.

Paige attacks Alicia Fox.

Jerry Lawler breaks up Paige and Alicia Fox.

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