So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (10/12/14)


So, listen, guys. As much as we loved doing two recaps (RAW and Total Divas), E! switched the Total Divas format to 2 episodes on Sunday. One recap is easy. Two recaps. Not so much. THREE recaps?! That’s why we don’t have an NXT or a TNA iMPACT: So That Happened…So, welcome to the new format for the Total Divas Recap from now on. It’s a lot easier on all of us, and we hope you understand. It’ll still feature the same tweets and memes, just shorter.

Now, let’s get started!

Episode 06: Paint The Island Red

Eva_Red_3MB Cameron Returns:

Cameron returns to the WWE from NXT, loving her experience there.


Vinnie is excited to be spend time with Cameron, but Cameron is more focused on her career. While at Eva Marie’s Bachelorette Party in Curacao , Vinnie admits that he wants to buy a house and start a family with Cameron. When Cameron quickly shuts down idea, Vinnie gets upset.

Vinnie tells Cameron that he thinks she doesn’t care about starting a family. Cameron apologizes for taking Vinnie for granted, but insists she’s very focused on her career. Cameron agrees to make more time for Vinnie.

Trouble In The Dungeon:

Tyson Kidd and Natalya are doing their best to rekindle their marriage. While at Eva Marie’s Bachelorette Party, Natalya wants Tyson Kidd to do something sexy and exciting. After turning down loud sex, Tyson Kidd takes Natalya out on a romantic adventure…


After the Ostrich Farm, Natalya scolds Tyson Kidd for not doing anything romantic for them. Tyson thinks his gesture was nice and that Natalya didn’t appreciate it because it had nothing to do with Louis Vutton.

Later, Natalya confesses her trouble with Tyson Kidd to Eva Marie. Natalya starts to cry, thinking that her husband doesn’t find her attractive anymore.



Nikki Bella is excited to hang out with her sister Brie, at Eva Marie’s Bachelorette party. Nikki can’t wait to get drunk and party with her sister, but all Brie is focused on is picking out furniture for the new house and talking with her husband, Daniel Bryan.

Over the course of the Bachelorette Party, Nikki grows more frustrated with Brie, who doesn’t want to drink like she used to. Nikki mocks Brie for not drinking, which further angers Brie, who doesn’t want, nor liked to be forced into “Brie Mode.”

After The Bella Twins get into an argument, Brie tells Nikki that Bryan doesn’t like when she drinks excessively, and that although getting drunk and partying was fun before, picking out furniture for her family is fun to her now. Nikki just wanted to be The Bella Twins again and apologizes for making Brie feel bad and the two reconcile.

Oh, You Didn’t Know? (Random moments you may have missed):

John Cena and The Bella Twins are enamored with Avocado Man:

Summer Rae’s New Slogan:

We Love Daniel Bryan:

Brie Bella, Natalya and Vinnie are missing their luggage, which means Nikki Bella has to dress Brie. While on the phone, Bryan asks Nikki to not make Brie look like a “hoochie.”


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