So That Happened: #ClarissaExplainsRAW


As they say, anything can happen in the WWE. Superstars’ heads can be driven through cinder blocks. Vipers can be turned into Memes. And Hollywood Movie Stars can show up at any given notice.

Recently, the WWE has been bringing out a slew of Celebrity Guest Hosts ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Kevin Hart to…*Sigh* Kathy Lee and Hoda. But while those celebrities have been sharing their love for WWE (or wine bottles) in the ring, a certain Darling celebrity has been sharing it on social media.

YES! Melissa Joan Hart is a wrestling fan!

Since celebrities are just like us, the internet reacted to this news casually.

Nevermind. MJH is the real deal. And we love it!

She knows her history.

She keeps up with the trends.

And she is even on board with this idea!

Since that tweet was MJH approved, we at Three Man Booth figured this was the next logical step…Ladies and Gentlemen. Presenting…


Note: Yes. We know some of you prefer Clarissa Explains It RAW, but she’s a Mother, people! Have some class!


Just in case WWE and the WWE Network are hesitant on the idea of #ClarissaExplainsRAW, here are some Clarissa-isms, courtesy of Buzzfeed, and Nickelodeon, to help persuade them.

Clarissa Explains John Cena:


Clarissa Explains Mini-Gator vs. Hornswoggle:


Clarissa Explains The Bella Twins:



Clarissa Explains Zack Ryder:


Clarissa Explains AJ Lee:


Okay…so maybe she’s tired of AJ Lee. Probably because she’s an Emmacrat!

Clarissa Explains Dolph Ziggler:


Clarissa Explains Randy Orton:


Clarissa Explains Dean Ambrose:


Clarissa Explains Bad News:


Despite the bad news, Clarissa is still a Bad News Barrett fan.

We’re cool with most of that list, but…R-Truth?

It’s great to see that Melissa Joan Hart is a card carrying member of the WWE Universe. Will Melissa, Clarissa, Sabrina, Melissa (from Melissa and Joey) or any one of MJH’s Personas ever make their WWE debut?

Probably not. But, if MJH doesn’t want to be herself on RAW, we already have a character made up for her.


That’s it for now, but follow Melissa Joan Hart on Twitter for more of #ClarissaExplainsRAW!

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