So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (10/19/14)


Episode 08: Cross Country Catastrophe

It’s All About The Money:

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are invited to the Teen Choice Awards. Brie wants a new dress, but Daniel Bryan doesn’t think they need to spend any money, since Brie has so many dresses. Later in the night, The Bella Family takes their Mom, Kathy, out for dinner. As a birthday present for her Mom, Brie demands to pay the bill, which is $400.

After the dinner, Brie Bella gets a call for Daniel Bryan, asking her about the $400 she spent at the restaurant. Brie Bella defends her spending and is shocked that Bryan has been tracking their finances.


Throughout the week, Bryan continues to track Brie’s finances, and even calls her after a $22 coffee at The Grind. Nikki encourages Brie to talk to Bryan about this, which she does after Nikki buys her a dress for the Teen Choice Awards. Brie tells Bryan how she feels about the spending, and how Nikki bought him the dress because she was afraid to buy it.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella go to the Teen Choice Awards. After the awards, Bryan realizes why the dress was so important to her. Bryan apologizes, and says that Brie was right this time, but jokes he’s right 95% of the time.

Kiss From A Rosa:

Rosa Mendes goes on a date with a Christian named Chad, since Gary has not been returning her calls. Later, at RAW, Rosa catches Gary talking with Summer Rae.


When Rosa confronts Summer, Summer defends herself, saying that Gary contacted her and that they weren’t dating. Rosa is pissed and thinks Summer betrayed her and was never her friend.

Rosa continues her dating troubles by dating a guy named Nate, who is muscled and wears a hat indoors. Rosa admits to Nate that she doesn’t drink and feels his abs, but it doesn’t work out.

Later, Natalya and Rosa Mendes go to a lesbian club. Rosa ends up kissing a girl, while Natalya talks about vitamins.

After the club, Rosa Mendes opens up to Natalya about her history with men. Rosa is afraid that if she gets her heart broken by another man, she would relapse.

Natalya tells Rosa that if kissing girls makes her happy, then she should do it, because happiness is important.

On The Open Road:

Eva Marie, Jonathan, Cameron and Vinnie are all going on a Cross-Country Road-Trip together from Florida to California.

Jonathan is trying to micromanage the trip, but Eva Marie, Cameron and Vinnie want to sightsee and have fun.


After stopping at a tractor place, the crew decides to stop at a hotel to sleep for the night. Jonathan is not on board with the plan because it’s off schedule.

They end up going to the hotel anyway, which is creepy and possibly haunted. Also, they all have to sleep in one bed.


The next day, Jonathan snaps at Eva Marie for messing around on the trip, then blaming him when he tries to take charge. Their argument causes Vinnie and Cameron to get in an argument, which Vinnie does not win.

The next day, Jonathan and Eva Marie reconcile and agree to ditch the road trip, and take a flight to their new home. Jonathan and Eva Marie break the news to Cameron and Vinnie, who also apologize for their fight.

Oh, You Didn’t Know? (Stuff you might have missed)

Eva Marie doesn’t know what a Cobbler is:

Daniel Bryan is a Hero:

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