The Meme Event: #HowABoutThatRKO FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!

In The Meme Event, 3MBooth shares Wrestling Inspired Memes

When Randy Orton’s not getting sprayed with Ketchup And Mustard, or disappointing The Authority, heย likes to keep busy on Social Media by posting tweets like this.

No. Not that Tweet! This one.

That’s right. Not only has Randy Orton become a Meme, but he is self-aware that he’s a Meme. And The Viper, who usually hates everything, loves it!

While some of these Vines have gained attention from Randy Orton, there are still plenty of hilarious RKO Memes out there. Usually, The Meme Event focuses on Three Man Booth created Memes. But since we have been on a “Meme Event Hiatus”, we have no problem sharing out these Randy Orton Vines and Videos for you!



A Special Lord Of The Rings Version:

The Meme even has it’s own Twitter Page, in honor of the RKO Vines.

If you don’t want toย Follow RKO_Vines, YouTuber Steve Ozzi, made the perfect RKO Vines Compilation.

Enjoy and be on the lookout for more RKO Vines. But remember, as fun as these creations are, nothing is as good as the real thing:


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