I Was There (Kinda): New York Comic-Con 2014 (#NYCC)

Just like last year, and the year before, we went to New York Comic Con to enjoy a fun-filled weekend of comics, games and cosplay!

ambrosetrain02_KevCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Did we say weekend? We meant one day….Thursday

henrysad_WGCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

The phrase, “You can’t see it all in one day” is perfect for NYCC, because while one of the Three Man Booth members was desperately searching for an AJ Lee Pop Vinyl (He was unsuccessful), we missed all of this amazing wrestling cosplay!

zigglersadCourtesy of tapemachinesarerolling

But, thanks to the magic of the internet (And the Three Man Booth-iverse) we were able to track down some of the best wrestling cosplay, at NYCC! So, thank you, internet!

ajpaigehugCourtesy of WrasslorMonkey

Here is some of the best cosplay from this year’s New York Comic Con. Starting with….


…Wait. Or is she Dolph Ziggler?


Nevermind. It’s antoniocesaros as Dolph Ziggler. Sorry, Natalya! Let’s jump into the next cosplay!

jerichoshrugdiveCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Bray Wyatt:

braywyatt_menace013_3MBCourtesy of 

As you can see, Bray Wyatt has set himself free at New York Comic-Con.

braywyatt_asphyxiashun_3MBCourtesy of 

Paige and AJ Lee:

Thanks to our 3MBooth’s Intern Alex, for capturing this exclusive pic, or Paige and AJ Lee burying the hatchet.

We always knew Paige was a dancer…

paigedanceCourtesy of 

But not as good a dancer as…


It’s probably better that we didn’t see this cosplay, because we would’ve done this all day…

emmaaj01_KevCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Emma wasn’t the only dancer…I’m sure you can spot another one in this amazing group shot.

If you guessed The Big Bossman, you were right.

These copslayers still Believe In The Shield:

While, Richie Vargas, believes in The YES Movement


We have more Daniel Bryan Cosplay to share.


bryanpunkCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

Fine. Here’s one of our old friend, CM Punk! 

This Mankind seems pretty familiar


And what’s a Comic-Con without Macho Man Randy Savage?

You can never have enough of the Macho Man/Macho King.

macho_excalipoorCourtesy of 

Plus, every Macho King needs a Queen Sherri 


That Macho King seems pretty familiar too…

We would’ve lost our minds if we saw Pancake Pow’s Ultimate Warrior:

And just like this guy, we would’ve had to take The Ultimate Selfie.

warrior_ivenuccaCourtesy of 

Or we could’ve just hung out and had some pancakes…

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Pancakes and Ultimate Warrior! #NYCC14 😬

A post shared by Paola Alejandra (@pancake_pow) on

Macho King and Ultimate Warrior hold a special place in our heart for this one…


Last, but certainly not least, we have to give credit to a recurring theme at NYCC, Super Mario Wrestlers (pictured here with Stone Cold Steve Austin)

mario_menace013_3MBCourtesy of 

Wrestling Cosplay is alive and well at New York Comic-Con! We can’t wait to see what the future holds in 2015. Just don’t be lazy like this Dean Ambrose guy…

At least bring the ketchup AND mustard, ya jerk!

3MB_ProWrestlingNow_BigEWoodsKingstonCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Till next time, Comic-Con. Keep up the good work!

6719 - mask the_hurricane thumbs_up titantron wwfCourtesy of WWE
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