I Have Til 5: Song of the Summer

 In I Have Till 5, 3MB will Pick a Topic and Discuss the 5 Finer Points of it

The air is changing. Leaves are turning color. Pumpkin flavored foods are in high demand and short supply. Also, it’s October. Unless you last name is Rae, Summer is over. So how will you remember this summer? Usually there is a song or two that emerges out of the season that brings up the memories of beaches and barbecues. This summer was a tricky one: the music industry experts were unable to determine this season’s anthem. So, as with everything, we turn to wrestling for answers. We asked YOU, the 3manboothiverse, what your favorite wrestling related song was this summer. But you didn’t pick just 1 theme. You had til 5!

5. Summer Rae – “Rush of Power”

Which brings us back to Summer Rae. We heard her theme “Rush of Power” everywhere: on the set of The Marine 4, in NXT when she visited BFFs Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks, and all over WWE television like a blur of blonde hair and legs.


Gif courtesy of hiitsmekevin

How could she be everywhere at once? The crowd kept calling to her, calling to her. She even got the better of her ‘dance partner’ Fandango. After he tried to two-time her with Layla, the Divas, no doubt fueled by Summer’s catchy anthem, turned the tables on him! He’s Fandangone and only the ladies were left dancing.

But wait!

We don’t want an invalid list!

15715 - Summer_Rae The_JBL_And_Cole_Show wwe Sorry, Summer. Maybe next time. Plus, this summer had a bend towards the weird anyway. Considering that the #1 movie was Guardians of the Galaxy – a Marvel movie that was set in space  and featured a talking raccoon, a talking tree and a talking Batista – Stardust’s theme is more appropriate.

NEW! 5. Stardust – “Written in the Stars”

It sounds like Goldust’s theme, if played backwards and heard through an astronaut’s helmet. It may hold the truth to the Cosmic Key.


Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

4. Paige – “Stars in the Night”

The former 2 time Divas Champion and former Diva the WWE Universe most wants to marry made an impact on the WWE this summer. Her theme “Stars in the Night” lets everyone know that the ring is her house and she wasn’t afraid to fight what is hers.

Plus, in a surprising twist, “Stars in the Night” is a very skip-able theme, which is a nice feature.


Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

3. Sami Zayn – “Worlds Apart”

Leave it to the happiest guy in Springfield Full Sail to have the happiest theme on our list. “Worlds Apart” starts with hand clapping and chanting, only to pick the energy up when Zayn comes out dancing to the ring.

But that isn’t where Sami’s fleet-footedness ends: he then wows all audiences with a display of aerial maneuvers and solid wrestling. You’re either clapping along with his theme or clapping along with his match.

GIF Courtesy of ProWrestlingNow

GIF Courtesy of ProWrestlingNow

Cheers all around.

2. Bayley – “Boyfriend”

Correction, Sami Zayn has the second happiest theme on this list. “Boyfriend” screams Summer but not in a Rae or a Paige way. It’s bubbly, positive and sounds like the score for a day at the beach. Plus, it matches Bayley’s personality and her positive outlook on life.

Much like summer though, “Boyfriend” is over.  Bayley has a new theme, “Turn It Up.” Like “Boyfriend” and Bayley, it is very upbeat and positive. It sounds like a forgotten track from the Wreck It Ralph soundtrack. That’s a good thing.

GIF Courtesy of Hiitsmekevin

GIF Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

1. Wale – Bad Guy Freestyle

3MB - Wale - Razor Freestyle - Bad GuyThe unofficial start of summer was when this track by Wale was released in May. He paid tribute to Razor Ramon by freestyling over Razor’s theme, incorporating some of the baf guy’s classic phrases like, “Something happens to these, something happens to you, okay?” and flicking his signature toothpick.

Wale is a huge wrestling fan; he attends shows, tweets, and hangs out with wrestlers when he can. This song is not just a tribute to Razor; it’s a tribute to wrestling and Wale’s love for it. He references current Superstars like Rusev and Legends like Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, sometimes bouncing back and forth in the same line. Careful though: Wale goes a little “Attitude Era” with some of his lyrics:

It’s not just the song of the summer for a wrestling fan; it’s the jam of the year. If you don’t agree, there’s at lease one person who objects.


Courtesy of the internet (Please Don’t Sue)

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