So That Happened: #TotalDivas (10/05/14)


The Bella Twins are having lunch. Nikki Bella doesn’t like the smell and thinks it smells like a fish vagina.

Nikki sees a seal and calls it a fish. Brie tells Nikki that a seal is not a fish, then double checks with Wikipedia about the classification of a seal.

A seal is a mammal.

Later, Brie Bella is driving with Daniel Bryan. Bryan is upset that his healing is not going as well as he hoped. Brie tells Bryan that his body is different from others and it’ll heal. Bryan jokes that he doesn’t have the body like John Cena.

Daniel Bryan gets acupuncture because he and Brie Bella believe in doing things the natural way instead of with medicine.

Jonathan and Eva Marie talk about their week.

Jonathan tells Eva Marie about a home invasion that happened in their neighborhood. Eva thinks they need to move, Jonathan thinks they need a gun. Eva Marie does not want a gun.

John Cena asks Nikki Bella about Daniel Bryan’s injuries. Nikki tells Cena about Bryan doing acupuncture, which Cena thinks is stupid. Cena, says as someone who has had a neck injury, the surgery is very important and acupuncture would be like rubbing a wound with a leaf.


Eva Marie and Cameron have lunch since Eva lives so close to NXT.

Cameron gets a phone call from her Mother. Cameron’s brother Quinton is acting up. Cameron’s Mother wants her to come down and try and help out. Cameron is a little hesitant to go since she just went back to NXT, but family comes first.


Brie Bella returns to RAW! Brie is excited to be in a program with the boss, Stephanie McMahon.

briebitchCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

After RAW, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella talk about Daniel Bryan’s surgery. Nikki wonders exactl what’s wrong with Bryan and Brie lets her know about Bryan’s health. Nikki and Brie get into an argument over Bryan’s health.

Jonathan and Eva Marie go to the gun range. While at the gun range, Eva Marie shoots some guns.


Jonathan tries to talk to the Gun Shop Owner about handguns vs. ARs, which Eva Marie is not okay with because she wants no guns in her house.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella go to dinner. The waitress thinks Bryan is a lady.

While eating, Daniel Bryan ends up dropping the fork and is having trouble lifting his arm. Bryan and Brie agree to leave the restaurant.

Cameron goes back home and sees Vinnie and her dog, Glitty. Cameron is happy to see her boyfriend and dog. Cameron meets her Mom, Tammy at the Hair Salon. Tammy tells Cameron about Quentin’s attitude.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella talk about dinner. Daniel Bryan wishes he could just figure out what’s wrong with him.

Cameron and Vinnie drive around until they see Quentin. Cameron scolds Quentin, reminding him he’s supposed to pick up his phone and go home when he’s done with school. Quentin says his phone died.

Cameron tries to guilt trip Quentin, saying that he’ll end up giving their Mom a heart attack, which Quentin laughs at. As they argue, Cameron notices one of her friends hiding a drink.

Cameron finds the drink, then yells at Quentin for having a drink with his friends. Cameron is pissed that Quentin thinks it’s funny, and makes him leave his friends. Quentin gives Cameron attitude, while Vinnie tells him to calm down.

Eva Marie and Jonathan talk more about gun laws. Eva Marie still doesn’t want a gun. Jonathan jokes that she hates America because she believe in second amendment rights.

Later, Cameron invites her Mom, Tammy over to talk to Quentin. Cameron and Tammy try and reach Quentin, telling him he’s going down a bad path, but Quentin laughs it off. Cameron is concerned what to do about her little brother.

The next day, Eva Marie returns home. When she opens the door, she sees a gun inside. Jonathan tries to play the gun off as a surprise, but Eva Marie is unhappy with it. Eva Marie walks out, not wanting to talk to him.

At Money In the Bank, Rosa Mendes goes for a photoshoot, but her shirt is very revealing. Rosa bargains with the Photographer to keep her attire, since the old one looked like a paper bag.

Daniel Bryan gets re-evaluated by the Doctor, and finds out he needs more surgery. The surgery is minor, but Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are upset about the news.

Later, in catering, Eva Marie talks with Jimmy Uso, Naomi, Natalya and Titus O’Neil about the gun situation with her and Jonathan. Natalya agrees with Eva Marie, saying her anger is justified. Natalya says she wouldn’t want a gun in the house.

Titus O’Neil jokes about Natalya having a gun, and how crazy she would be with the gun.


A few hours later, Daniel Bryan reveals to the WWE Universe that he is going to be out for a couple months longer because of a second surgery. Bryan vows to return and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion again.

In California, Cameron and Vinnie take Quentin to see some of Cameron’s friends. Former Gang Members, like Tattoo.


Tattoo tells Quentin that his friends don’t care about him, then tries to scare him straight, by telling him his Father died in front of him when he was 9 and his Mom wanted to throw him parties because he wasn’t going to live past 24.


Chico tells Quentin that he will either go to jail or go to die. Bizzare (Not from D12) tells Quentin to love his Mom and treat her right.

Cameron adds on that all she wants is the best for Quentin. Cameron thinks if Quentin is tired of the attitude, he should change it.

Later, Brie Bella is talking with Daniel Bryan about farms. After joking about the color of farm houses, Brie asks Bryan to help her with a photo. Bryan tells Brie that he can’t lift over 5 pounds. Brie thinks that’s not okay, and brings up the surgery. Bryan reveals that he’s not going to get the surgery.

Later, Cameron, Vinnie and Quentin get dinner. Cameron asks Quentin if he’s still mad. Quentin says he’s not mad. Quentin apologizes to Tammy, and promises to answer his phone more. Tammy tells Quentin that he loves him.

The family reconciles until Little Cameron (I think) interrupts and asks to talk about her experience at Summer Camp.

At a different restaurant, Eva Marie and Jonathan are having dinner. Eva Marie is upset that Jonathan got a gun without consulting her.

Eva Marie reminds Jonathan that marriage is a two way street. Jonathan apologizes, saying he was just trying to look out for his families’ interest, especially since he doesn’t get to see Eva Marie much. Eva Marie accepts Jonathan’s apology, saying his heart was in the right place.


Eva Marie says that they should get a dog for protection. Jonathan is against getting a dog. Eva Marie jokes that she will get a dog, since he got a gun.

The next day, Daniel Bryan is having dinner with Brie and Kathy Bella. After talking about Bryan’s shaggy appearance.

Daniel Bryan talks about his injury with Brie’s Mom. Kathy suggests Bryan get the surgery if it’ll bring him back to the WWE faster. Daniel Bryan is still against surgery because the Doctors don’t know what is exactly wrong with him. Bryan is still trying to recover naturally, which concerns Brie Bella.

So That Happened:

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