So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (09/28/14)


Total Divas begins with Rosa Mendes talking with Paige, who is celebrating a birthday. Paige slaps Rosa’s breasts, making fun of the ridiculous size of her chest.

Rosa Mendes asks about her outfit and if it’s PG. Paige thinks it’s PG, but also thinks Rosa Mendes is coming onto her. Rosa Mendes asks Paige if she can give her a birthday kiss later. Paige tells Rosa that she’s starting to get nervous.


The Bella Twins have lunch together. Brie asks Nikki why she ordered champagne and a bottle of wine. Brie is concerned because they’re not working shows, and not making any money. Nikki wants to get her favorite wine, but Brie doesn’t want to do it. Nikki argues that she deserves it because she works 5 days a week, while Brie works zero.

Later, Natalya and Rosa Mendes are driving. Natalya tells Rosa Mendes that it was her birthday and Tyson Kidd forgot. Rosa is upset and thinks Natalya deserves better. Natalya just wants to be acknowledged like a human.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi go bowling, while competing with each other. Jimmy Uso gets a spare, while Naomi, doing her best Fred Flintstone gets a strike.

While bowling, Naomi starts to feel lightheaded. Naomi’s birth control chip was not working and it’s causing her to bleed. Jimmy Uso notices that she’s bleeding and wants her to see a doctor. Naomi jokes that he just wants to get laid. Naomi promises to go to the Doctor and get everything checked out.

Later, The Bella Twins are heading to the Egg Freezing Department, during Rush Hour traffic. Nikki and Brie get into a fight about the Rush Hour Traffic and the Drought in California. Nikki complains that if there is a drought, there won’t be a wine. Brie and Nikki get into another argument. Nikki thinks she’s overreacting and sounding extremely pathetic. Nikki thinks Brie is the type of person who is never happy.

At NXT Takeover, Bret Hart is there with Natalya and Tyson Kidd.

Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie and Summer Rae are watching Charlotte vs. Natalya backstage.


While the match goes on, Rosa mentions Nattie is doing well even though Tyson Kidd’s birthday. Summer Rae thinks there’s no way you can forget a birthday because of Twitter.

Natalya loses the match, which Summer Rae is excited about.

Later, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are out shopping for a new washing machine. Brie starts to get upset because she spent weeks researching a washing machine, so she doesn’t want to just get one. Brie isn’t happy with the washers. Bryan tries to calm Brie down, but all hell breaks loose.

Brie Bella complains that she has to do everything and she has no time for anything. brie complains that she missed Yoga because she had to drive Daniel Bryan around. Bryan says he’s trying to get better, and Brie gets mad because he is only focused on himself. Brie storms off.


Natalya has fun with her Dad, Jim The Anvil Neidhart and her Mom.

Tyson Kidd shows Natalya her present. It’s a Vibrawav (Zero Gravity Therapy Machine)/Workout Equipment. Natalya gets on it and doesn’t like how it feels.

Natalya storms out of the room. Tyson Kidd tries to talk to Natalya, but Natalya calls him out for getting her a birthday gift that only he likes.


Natalya storms off and drives away from the house.

Natalya checks into a hotel by herself, but invites Rosa Mendes, who wants to hang out. Rosa Mendes brings over ice cream and hummus.

Natalya vents to Rosa Mendes about Tyson Kidd. Rosa suggests that Natalya come back to her place, because she has a pool. Natalya just wants to rest. Before Rosa leaves, she tries to sneak in a kiss from Natalya, but Nattie catches it. Rosa plays it off.

Naomi and her friend visit the OBGYN to find out why she is still bleeding. Dr. Moore tells Naomi that she has a uterine polyp. Moore suggests Naomi might have to have surgery to fix this issue. Dr. Moore warns Naomi that the longer she waits, the longer her cells can turn into cancer cells.

Later, John Cena and Nikki Bella are driving. Nikki tells Cena that Bryan called her to ask her if Brie is okay. Cena asks Nikki if she talked to Brie. Nikki tells Cena the idea that Bryan had, which was they talk to Brie together. Nikki is worried about it being an intervention, but Cena thinks Brie won’t know it’s important if her family doesn’t step up.


Meanwhile, Rosa Mendes tries to plan a surprise party for Natalya. Eva Marie, Naomi, Cameron and The Usos show up. Cameron talks about how being in NXT is really helping her improve.


Natalya shows up to the party and celebrate with her friends. Natalya opens some gifts, which includes a big bra, which Rosa got for her, since she knows Nattie’s size since she’s seen her naked. Natalya is touched by the surprise party.

Later, Jimmy Uso is in bed watching the WWE Network. Naomi crawl into bed and complains about stomach pain. Jimmy Uso wants Naomi to get this taken care of, but Naomi doesn’t want to have surgery and wants to keep taking a wait and see approach, since the polyp might bleed out on its own. After an argument about sex, Jimmy Uso complains that he can barely touch her, but Naomi tells him not to touch her stomach because it hurts. Jimmy Uso jokes that he’s gonna call Naomi’s Mama.

The next day, Naomi meets with Summer Rae and Rosa Mendes for lunch. Naomi says she’s tired and weak, due to the birth control implant. Naomi complains that her flow has not shut off, which shocks Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae. Naomi wants to feel better and please her husband, which she loves to do.

Rosa Mendes thinks the solution is a Pole Dancing Class. Rosa starts to look up Pole Dancing Classes.

Later, Nikki Bella stops by Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s house to plan the intervention. Bryan wants Nikki to take charge because once Nikki leaves, Bryan will have to deal with it all.

Naomi, Summer Rae and Rosa Mendes go to the Pole Dancing Class. The instructors practice Poll dancing, while Summer Rae thinks she can’t do it. Naomi, Summer Rae and Rosa Mendes do the Pole Dancing Class. Naomi is very talented on the Pole. Summer Rae jokes that Jimmy Uso won’t be able to take her hands off her.

Back at Bryan’s house, Brie Bella walks in the house and plays with Josie. Bryan jokes Brie shows more affection to Josie, than she does him. Brie finally notices Nikki. Nikki says she’s here to spend time with Brie. Shortly after, Nikki tells Brie about her attitude recently. Brie thinks Nikki is being childish, but Bryan agrees with Nikki that Brie has had an attitude problem.

Brie Bella defends herself about the washing machine. Nikki tries to take Bryan’s side, but Brie snaps on Nikki Bella again. Brie says when Nikki is a bitch, she doesn’t fly to Tampa to tell her that she is a bitch. Brie says Nikki is a bitch all the time. Nikki Bella says she dreads hanging out with Brie Bella because of her attitude. Brie says Nikki doesn’t have to hang out with her. Brie is her sister. Not her friend.

Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella say they’re trying to help her, but Brie thinks they don’t understand that she’s stressed. Brie is frustrated because she’s not on TV and not getting any paychecks. Brie is also frustrated because she feels she is losing momentum.


Daniel Bryan thinks it’s okay for Brie to vent, but not attack them. Bryan thinks Brie should talk to WWE and taking it out on them, doesn’t help. Brie apologizes and apologizes to Josie. Josie starts licking Daniel Bryan’s nose.

rs_400x225-140928113219-TD-304-Bryan-JosieCourtesy of eonline

The next day, Fandango is partying with Jimmy Uso, Naomi, Rosa Mendes and Natalya. Fandango jokes about Rosa’s boobs, asking if they’re real.

While everyone hangs out, Rosa Mendes comments on how hot Natalya is looking and just wants to make her feel good. Natalya asks for a picture together. Before the picture snaps, Rosa tries to kiss Natalya.


Natalya goes to the bathroom with Naomi. Natalya tells Naomi that Rosa Mendes tried to kiss her. Naomi thinks Natalya is overreacting, but Natalya reenacts the incident minus the kiss attempt. Naomi thinks Rosa might be drunk, but Natalya reminds her that Rosa Mendes doesn’t drink. Natalya says despite having issues with Tyson Kidd, she’s married and doesn’t want people kissing her.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are having lunch. Bryan jokes about how short her pants are, but Brie gets a phone call from Mark Carrano, telling her she will be back on TV this weekend. Bryan jokes that he told Brie this would happen. Brie Bella apologizes for being such a bitch, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella toast to Brie back in the WWE and her no longer being a bitch.

Later, Jimmy Uso walks in on Naomi playing with Neon bracelets. Naomi has a surprise for Jimmy Uso, but Jimmy wonders if he’s in trouble. Naomi says it’s an award.


Naomi shows Jimmy Uso the Stripper Pole. Naomi thinks Jimmy Uso will enjoy this, since he hasn’t been able to have any chocolate chip cookie lately. Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that she needs to get her ass up and go to the doctor. Naomi wants to figure it out on her own terms, because it’s her body and she doesn’t want surgery.

Jimmy Uso is concerned if Naomi even wants to have kids. Naomi wants kids, so Jimmy Uso thinks she should be getting the situation fixed ASAP. Jimmy Uso takes his anger out on the Stripper Pole Set, saying that it’s not the answer to their problems.

Naomi calms Jimmy Uso down and tells her that she’s scared. Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that he’s more scared than her, because he doesn’t want them taking her ovaries out and jeopardize her not having kids. Jimmy Uso apologizes about throwing the present, and Naomi agrees to make a Doctor’s Appointment.

At Smackdown, Natalya talks to Rosa Mendes again. Rosa apologizes to Natalya, saying she wanted to make her feel beautiful and pretty by kissing her, since Tyson Kidd isn’t showing her affection. Natalya appreciates it, but doesn’t need Rosa to show her that type of affection. Rosa Mendes promises not to kiss Natalya again, but then slaps her on the butt.

Later, Tyson Kidd and Natalya meet to discuss about their relationship. Tyson thinks Nattie is running away from her feelings, but Nattie wants change. Natalya doesn’t think things will change if she comes back. Natalya tells Tyson she doesn’t know if she can do this anymore, then takes a call from Mark Carrano.


So That Happened:

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