So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (09/14/14)


John Cena finds Nikki Bella’s needles and asks her why she has them. Nikki asks if Cena was snopping around, but Cena tells her they were in plain sight.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena that the needles are hormones. Cena is concerned why Nikki needs hormones, but Nikki tells him that she’s freezing her eggs.


John Cena is relieved because he thought Nikki was bringing illegal drugs in the house.

Nikki Bella explains to John Cena that the reason she froze her eggs was just in case things don’t work out, she will still be able to have children. Cena is upset at Nikki for not telling him and hiding the needles. Nikki apologizes and Cena tells her to put her needles wherever she needs to.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are packing up to move their new house, especially Brie because this will be the first house she’s ever owned. Brie sees how many kickpads Daniel Bryan has, then calls him a kickpad whore. Bryan tells Brie that she’s going to have to have sex with him for each pair of kickpads, which would make her the Kickpad Whore.


Brie Bella counts the 6 Kickpads and tells Daniel Bryan that those are 6 possibilities of her getting a baby. Bryan reminds Brie that she didn’t want a baby while her husband on the road. Brie tells Bryan that she wanted two babies out of her vagina by the time she was 35. Bryan jokes that they should get babies into her vagina by 35.

Nikki Bella is having dinner with Eva Marie and Natalya. Nikki reveals she is in the doghouse with John Cena for hiding the needles. Eva Marie is also in the doghouse for trying to get Jonathan to convert to being Catholic, which Jonathan isn’t a fan of. Eva jokes that she and Nikki need to have sleepovers, since they’ll be without their men. Nikki adds on that she’s Catholic, so they can pray about getting their men to see the light.

At RAW, Natalya and Rosa Mendes are talking with Sandra about new ring gear. While conversing, While Sandra tells Rosa to get her new implants out of her face. The conversation goes back to ring gear, and Rosa tells are talking with Sandra tells Sandra that she can have as much freedom as she wants with her ring gear. Rosa asks Sandra if she likes her butt jeans. Sandra thinks she would look good in Rosa’s outfit.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella walk into the arena for RAW. Bryan’s shoulder starts acitng up again, and Brie implores him to get it checked out. Bryan agrees, but Brie wants him to actually do it this time, since he pushes his body so hard. Brie thinks they should trade massages, but Bryan tells Brie that his type of massage won’t help him out.

The Funkadactyls are watching Dolph Ziggler, when Mark Carrano calls the Funkadactyls in for a meeting. Naomi jokes that Bad News Barrett should give her the news.

Mark tells Naomi and Cameron that WWE splitting up the Funkadactyls Tag Team, and that Naomi will be the singles star, while Cameron is her valet. Cameron thinks this is her starting from scratch, but Mark doesn’t want her to take offense to this decision. Mark thinks Naomi is a step ahead of Cameron, which Naomi agrees with, but wants Cameron to do well.

Naomi talks with Cameron about their split. Naomi thinks that this could be a good thing, that could eventually lead to the two of them doing a story together or Cameron getting an opportunity. Naomi tells Cameron that she will only get better and hopes that they can support each other during the split.

Cameron reveals to Natalya and Eva Marie that she is going to be a valet for Naomi from now on. Cameron is happy for Naomi, but thinks she will never get to a better if she’s not allowed to perform. Natalya thinks Cameron has a bad rap due to being called up from Developmental earlier than others. Natalya tells Cameron that she needs to analyze what she wants to do since wrestling isn’t forever.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are going to get the keys to their new house. Brie is excited to be a homeowner in her dream home, but quickly corrects herself, saying they are both homeowners. Bryan makes fun of her for saying that she’s a homeowner.


Brie Bella starts making arrangements, wanting certain colors and lights to go. Daniel Bryan mentions all of Brie’s modifications. The Contractor asks Bryan and Brie what are the Top 5 things they need for the new home. Bryan and Brie mention Solar Panels, Cabinets, Water System, Flooring and Gym. Brie gets upset about the gym, while Bryan gets upset about wanting to removing the floors.

Daniel Bryan tells Brie Bella that she is being like Nikki, who would want everything in the house re-done. Bryan tries to tell Brie how long the modifications and that they’re on a budget, but Brie doesn’t think she’s being unreasonable. Brie is pissed that they have to do what Bryan wants and not what she wants. Bryan tells Brie that he always does what she wants, including the entire wedding. Bryan reminds Brie that she called this “her house.” Brie walks away from the conversation.

Later, The Bella Twins are shopping together for new furniture. Nikki Bella picks out a table, but Brie tells her to check the price tag because of the budget. Brie vents about her situation with Bryan, but Nikki says they need to sit down and talk about it, since relationships are about compromise.

Brie Bella tells Nikki Bella the thing that grossed her out the most was that Bryan compared her to Nikki Bella. Nikki feels that she was double dissed by both Bryan and Brie.

Later, John Cena and Nikki Bella are having dinner together. Nikki makes a joke about John Cena’s buns, then the conversation switches to Nikki’s eggs. Cena asks Nikki if he didn’t catch her, would she have ever told him. Cena thinks he’s in a tough spot because although he encouraged Nikki that he might not be the right person for her, he doesn’t want to lose her and he would be devastated to have a life without Nikki.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena that she would stop freezing her eggs for John Cena.

Cameron goes to the recording studio with Vinnie. While at the studio, Cameron vents about her troubles in WWE. Cameron says people don’t see her hard work and passion, despite only being in developmental for 3 and a 1/2 months.


Vinnie thinks Cameron might have to struggle for a bit, before she rises back up to the top. Cameron and Vinnie leave the studio.

The Bella Twins go on a coffee date. Before they go inside the store, they take photos with fans, who were chanting “YES!”

While having coffee, Nikki Bella reveals to Brie Bella that she’s not freezing her eggs, because it made John Cena upset. Brie Bella things John is being selfish and reminds Nikki the reason she froze her eggs was a backup plan that she wanted to do. Nikki thinks she’s compromising, but Brie disagrees. Nikki thinks Brie is really harsh, but Brie doesn’t want her to wake up with regret. Nikki Bella thinks Brie was being too harsh on her. Brie apologizes and tells Nikki that she was just being overprotective. The Bella Twins make up and go for a drink.

Brie calls John Cena a grown ass man and thinks he needs to get over it.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi are having drinks. Naomi asks Jimmy if he enjoys being Tag Team Champion (He does) Jimmy asks Naomi if she enjoys being Divas Champion (She’s not champion.) Naomi doesn’t like Jimmy’s joke, but Jimmy calls Naomi “his” Divas Champion.

Jimmy Uso tells Naomi that she can’t be Divas Champion in a tag team and that solo is the way to go. Naomi understands, but doesn’t want Cameron left behind. Naomi thinks there could be more for them to do as a team. Jimmy Uso mocks Naomi’s entrance with Cameron. Naomi mocks Jimmy’s entrance with The Usos.

Jimmy thinks Naomi is doing the right thing by splitting with Cameron. Naomi makes fun of Jimmy Uso.

Brie Bella comes back home and that Daniel Bryan hasn’t packed. Brie asks him why he didn’t pack and Bryan reveals the result of his MRI. Bryan is going to have neck surgery and is worried that the lost of strength could be permanent and that he might have to retire. Brie consoles Bryan.

The Bella Twins visit their nieces and nephews, and spend some family time with them. Nikki reads to one of her nieces, but Brie jokes that Nikki can’t read. Nikki is concerned that she’s going to end up being the World’s Greatest Aunt forever.

Backstage at RAW, Brie Bella is watching Daniel Bryan’s Speech with Eva Marie and Natalya. Brie is upset that she has a WWE commitment in New York, while Bryan gets surgery in Philadelphia. Brie thinks she’s failing Bryan as a wife, but Eva and Natalya think Bryan will understand. Daniel Bryan’s speech is replayed on Total Divas.

After the neck surgery, Brie Bella talks to Daniel Bryan on the phone. Brie realizes that material things aren’t important and feels bad about complaining about the house so much to Bryan. Brie promises to be the Best Nurse Ever when she gets back home.

After the event in NYC, Brie Bella makes it home to Daniel Bryan and asks about the surgery. Bryan is concerned if he can come back when WWE wants him to. If not, Bryan will have to give up the title. Brie says the fans would be upset, but Bryan jokes Brie would be more upset because she only loves him for his Championship.

Brie Bella asks Daniel Bryan if they can compromise on the house. Bryan is willing to compromise and apologizes for making her not excited for the house. Brie and Bryan make up, and Bryan makes a joke about Brie’s odor, since she’s been traveling all day.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are working out. Nikki’s concerned that if she squats too much, she’ll burst her ovaries. Cena jokingly prays that her ovaries burst. Nikki Bella tells John Cena that she’s still going to freeze her eggs. Although he is hesitant, Cena respects her decision.

At RAW, Naomi has a singles match against Paige with Cameron in her corner. As Cameron watches Naomi, she is reminded that being a valet is not what she wants.

Backstage, WWE’s Senior Physician, Chris Amann tells that he spoke to Bryan’s doctor, and although had a good surgery, he has bad news for Bryan. Bryan’s injury is a lot worse than they expected, The Trainer tells Bryan that his injury is a lot worse and he’ll be out much longer.



Brie Bella is concerned that with Bryan not working, they won’t have as much money.

Backstage, Cameron meets with Mark Carrano and tells him she’s tired of being in Naomi’s shadow and would love to be in NXT someday. Cameron wants to go down to NXT to train, but Mark tells her that if she goes to NXT, there’s a possibility that she won’t come back or be a WWE Diva anymore.


Cameron starts crying, but Cameron would rather take the chance and lose her job than not try at all. Mark thinks it’s a career risk if it doesn’t work out, but they’ll look into it.

After the meeting, Cameron runs into Jimmy Uso, who is is dancing for Naomi and Nikki Bella. Cameron tells everyone that she might go down to NXT to train. Naomi asks to talk to Cameron privately. Naomi is upset that Cameron didn’t consider her at all during this decision. Naomi says they’re a team and if they’re getting a push, she wouldn’t walk out on Cameron. Cameron thinks Naomi is being selfish, but Naomi thinks Cameron is being selfish and shady. Naomi tells Cameron that she needs to do what she needs to do to be successful and when she comes back, there will be no more Cameron and Naomi.

In Nikki Bella and John Cena’s house, Nikki is unpacking. John Cena says he’s trying to be romantic with a bottle of wine, then questions if Nikki is taking a dump. Nikki denies she’s doing that, but Cena tells her that taking a dump is natural.

Nikki Bella and John Cena go over Nikki’s dates for her eggs. Nikki tells Cena that she can’t wrestle for 10 days and that someone will have to watch her for 24 hours after the surgery. Cena tells Nikki that he will be her chauffeur and maid, promising to take care of her.

John Cena and Nikki Bella say they love each other, and Cena says he can’t wait until Nikki is super bitchy.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena about Brie Bella seeing her vagina during the visit to the Doctor.


So That Happened:

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