So That Happened: #RAW Season Premiere Recap (09/08/14)


The Steel Cage Lowers.

Match 01: Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

jerichocageentranceCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

wyattcageentranceCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Bray Wyatt throws Chris Jericho into the cage.

Bray Wyatt does a Superplex to Chris Jericho. Bray Wyatt turns the Superplex into the Spider Crawl.

wyattjerichocrawlCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Chris Jericho almost escapes but Luke Harper and Erick Rowan won’t let him. Jericho decides to dive on Bray Wyatt from the top of the cage!

jerichoshrugdiveCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Chris Jericho’s knee is injured, but Jericho keeps trying to wrestle. Bray Wyatt goes over Chris Jericho to try and escape the cage.

wyattjerichocageCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Post-Match, Bray Wyatt slams the Steel Cage door into Chris Jericho’s knee. Bray Wyatt takes Chris Jericho down with the Sister Abigail inside the steel cage.


Backstage: Seth Rollins and Kane are talking about how great Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt was.

Triple H walks up to Seth Rollins and Kane with Randy Orton,and tells Seth Rollins at Kane that the Season Premiere that RAW needs to be unforgettable. Randy Orton tells Triple H that he would like to do something to Roman Reigns that will make what Seth Rollins did to Dean Ambrose look like Sunday School. Triple H gives Orton his permission.

Dolph Ziggler Speaks:

Dolph Ziggler brings up #TheFappening from a couple weeks ago, saying no A, B, C or D list celebrity deserves that happening to him. Dolph Ziggler changes his mind and thinks The Miz deserves that happening to him.

Dolph Ziggler shows photos of The Miz hacked from his cloud.

mizphotosCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Dolph Ziggler is about to show the next photo, but he is interrupted by The Miz. The Miz claims that his photos were for medical purposes and promises that if Dolph Ziggler shows the photos, he will never work in this town again.

Dolph Ziggler almost listens to The Miz, but decides to show the picture anyway.


Damien Sandow tries to attack Dolph Ziggler, but ends up getting the Zig Zag.

Match 02: Natalya and Rosa Mendes vs. AJ Lee and Paige

AJ Lee tags herself in.

ajpaigetagCourtesy of hiitsmekevin


Winners: AJ Lee and Paige

Post Match, AJ Lee and Paige argue. Paige tells AJ Lee not to touch her title, but AJ Lee decides to kiss the belt. AJ hands the title back to Paige, and Paige kisses the title next.

ajtitlekiss paigetitlekiss ajpaigetitleCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Backstage: Chris Jericho is getting his knee checked on by the trainer. After the trainer leaves, Randy Orton attacks Chris Jericho from behind and beats him down.


Randy Orton apologizes to Chris Jericho for the beating, then tells him, “It’s The Season Premiere.”


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