So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season 03 Recap (09/07/14)


Total Divas starts with the Total Divas talking about how great Wrestlemania was. Brie Bella mentions that DanielBryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and a recap of the last few episodes.

Eva Marie and Jonathan have decided that despite eloping, they want to have a wedding ceremony. Eva and Jonathan go to a photo studio to take racy Save The Date photos. Eva Marie wants to go this route because when they’re 80. she wants to remember how hot they were.

At Monday Night RAW, Rosa Mendes returns to the WWE and meets Natalya. Rosa tells her story about not being around for a year and a half. Rosa is ready to make a statement.

Natalya tells Rosa Mendes that she’s happy to see her, but brings up the fact that her sideboob is coming out. Rosa tries to tell Natalya that sideboob is the new cleavage.

Natalya reminds Rosa Mendes that if WWE saw her doing that, they wouldn’t want her doing Be A Star or reading to children. Natalya’s advice to Rosa is to “settle the tea kettle.”

In catering, Naomi is complaining about the lack of butter on her pancakes with Cameron, when Eva Marie shows up with her Save The Date photos. Eva shows Naomi and Cameron the photos. Naomi and Cameron mention that you can see Eva’s “cookie” and other parts of her, that might not be suitable for family.


Titus O’Neil shows up and asks what’s going on. Eva Marie show Titus the photos.

titusoneil01 titusoneil02Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

Titus O’Neil tells Eva Marie to Save The Date and put on a white t-shirt and a turtleneck.

Rosa Mendes watches the WWE Divas wrestle on Main Event. Rosa can’t wait to go back out there.

Later, The Bella Twins are out and talking about John Cena. Nikki tells Brie that Cena hypothetically asked her if marriage, but no kids would be enough for them. asking her about Brie is upset because she thinks Cena is trying to force her to choose between marriage and kids, but Nikki thinks Cena is actually changing.


Brie Bella suggests Nikki Bella freeze her eggs just in case she is 40 and has no kids. Nikki looks up egg donors and sees that it’s $10,000. Nikki might look into it, even though she can’t imagine life without John Cena. Brie brings up she can’t imagine her life without kids either.

Mark Carrano has a meeting with the Total Divas. Mark and the Total Divas welcome back Rosa Mendes as Brie Bella reveals the reason Rosa left was because her reputation was out of control. Rosa Mendes thinks the Divas attitudes have changed, but she thinks it’s because she has a bigger chest and a smaller waist now.

Mark tells Rosa Mendes and the WWE Divas that they need to get things going because WWE wants Rosa in tag teams in live events. Mark asks about Summer Rae, but no one has bothered to keep in touch with her.


After the Divas Meeting, Mark wants Natalya to help get Rosa Mendes up to speed. Natalya asks why these situations always falls on her lap, butย Mark tells it’s because she’s the best. Natalya says if she wanted to babysit, she’d rather hang out with Summer Rae.


After some debating, Natalya agrees to look after Rosa and wants a Divas Championship Match in the future.

At WWE Main Event, Natalya has a conversation with Rosa Mendes. Natalya decides to be honest with Rosa since she doesn’t want to be a “player hater.” Natalya lets Rosa know Mark wants Nattie to look after Rosa. Rosa feels Rosa feels WWE doesn’t trust her and brings up her past with rehab. Natalya knows Rosa is strong after coming out of rehab and wants Rosa to prove herself.

Jonathan and Eva Marie are driving to Eva Marie’s parents house. Eva complains about her “fat stomach” to Jonathan, then switches the conversation to their Save The Date Photos. Jonathan and Eva are excited to share the photos with Eva’s family, but Jonathan doesn’t want to get thrown under the bus by Eva.

The Bella Twins are having dinner with their brother JJ, JJ’s wife Lauren, and Daniel Bryan.

While at dinner, The Bella Family starts talking about children. Brie admits that she has baby fever, while JJ and Lauren are going with a “When it happens, it happens” mentality. Brie wants them all to have babies together, but Nikki chimes in about freezing her eggs.

Brie Bella is happy that Nikki Bella is freezing her eggs. Nikki doesn’t want to tell John Cena until she is done with the surgery. Daniel Bryan mentions that he could offer his sperm for Nikki Bella’s eggs, which Brie refuses.

Eva Marie meets up with her family, who is expecting drama, but Eva comes drama free. Eva tells her family that she and Jonathan will have a traditional wedding. Eva’s family is ecstatic.

Eva Marie shares her Save The Date photos with her family. They are no longer ecstatic. Eva Marie’s Father would rather it be “Classy and not Trashy.”


Regardless, they salute to Eva Marie and Jonathan.

The Bella Twins go to the Fertility Clinic to hear more about freezing your eggs from Dr. Fredrick. Dr. Fredrick tells Nikki if she wants to do this, she has to abstain from sex, drinking and wrestling until after the third day of her cycle.

Eva Marie’s brother, Neal arrives at the house. After saying grace, Barry (Eva Marie’s Dad), lets Neal know that he will get to walk Eva Marie down the aisle. Eva lets everyone know that the wedding is in 8 weeks with 150 people. The family starts to ask Eva Marie what church she is getting married in. Eva Marie doesn’t want to do a wedding in a Catholic Church because Jonathan is a Non Denominational Christian.

Barry wants the wedding to be in a Catholic Church in front of her family, friends and God. Eva Marie’s Family wants Jonathan to change his religious views, but Jonathan doesn’t want to do that because he feels strongly about his faith. Barry is very disappointed.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are meeting with an Interior Designer today for their house.

Nikki Bella doesn’t realize that she forgot that she scheduled a meeting with the Nurse today because it’s Day 3 of her cycle. Since Nikki and Cena’s house is 15,000 square feet. Nikki devises a plan to send John Cena and the Interior Designer to one side of the house, while Nikki Bella gets her blood drawn on the other side of the house.


Somehow, Nikki Bella manages to successfully pull this off. While John Cena talks with the Interior Designer, Nikki Bella cleans her arm, which Cena somehow misses.

Later, Natalya checks into her hotel room. As she opens the door, the first thing she sees is Rosa Mendes naked.

Natalya can’t deal with a naked Rosa Mendes, and compares her nudity to a softcore porn. Rosa on the other hand, loves being naked and showing off her new boob job. Rosa eventually puts on clothes for Natalya’s sake.

Eva Marie, Jonathan and Josie (Eva Marie’s Mom) are having a day out together. Barry calls and tells them he’s going to eat all the pies. Eva and her family continue to joke around until Eva Marie’s Mom reveals that Barry is still taking chemo shots. Eva Marie is surprised her Father is still taking these shots, but Josie says he has to to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back.

Later, Eva Marie is talking with her family about her Father, Barry’s health. Eva is pissed that everyone knew about Barry’s Colon Cancer except for her. Josie tells Eva that her Father doesn’t want her to worry about him while she is at work. Eva finds out that the cancer is inoperable, so they are using the shots to treat it as best as they can.

The Bella Twins go back to Dr. Fredrick. As Dr. Fredrick checks out Nikki Bella’s eggs, Brie Bella is freaked out that she got an up-close view of Nikki’s vagina.

Later, Nikki finds out that she has to take medication for 10 days and that it’ll involve no sex, drinking or wrestling.

Later, Eva Marie and Jonathan are chasing each other in the park. Eva Marie tells Jonathan that she can’t stop thinking about her Father’s cancer. Jonathan thinks Barry is strong enough to beat it. Eva asks Jonathan if it would be the worst thing for him to convert. Jonathan says it would be the worst thing.

Jonathan talks about his personal relationship with God and tells Eva Marie that you can’t religion like t-shirts. Jonathan refuses to change his religion, which Eva Marie understands.

Meanwhile, The Bella Twins are driving back from the Dr Fredrick, saying nothing but good things about her. Brie Bella jokes about seeing Nikki Bella’s vagina. Nikki reminds Brie that they have the same vagina and makes fun of her for staring. Brie wonders how Nikki will hide the shots from John. Nikki says she’ll hide the shots in her purse and do them in the bathroom.

Later, Eva Marie talks to her Dad. Eva Marie tells her Dad that she will do whatever she can to have a Catholic Wedding. Barry expects nothing less, then tells Eva that she is doing well for herself.

On RAW, Rosa Mendes and Natalya are walking to the arena, past Cody Rhodes. Rosa feels like everybody is watching her. Natalya thinks she is paranoid.

Titus O’Neil asks Rosa Mendes if she’s had a long weekend, because she looks tired as hell. Rosa is concerned because she wants to perform well for her first match back in a year and a half.

While in catering, Rosa Mendes hears Eva Marie and Naomi commenting about her. Rosa hears them laughing at her insists that she didn’t come back to the WWE to be laughed at.

Rosa Mendes and Natalya have their match. After the match, Rosa Mendes cries to Natalya, saying she sucked out there and wasn’t on her A-Game.


Natalya hugs Rosa Mendes and tells her to believe in herself. Natalya tells Rosa Mendes that everybody in WWE wants the other person to fail, because they want that spot. Natalya tells Rosa to wipe her tears, fix her hair, come to work and beat up the other Divas. Natalya and Rosa hug, which ends up cheering Rosa up.

Nikki Bella is talking to John Cena about dishes her Nana got her, but John Cena walks up with the needles, wondering what Nikki has been hiding.


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