Everybody Gets One: The Big Show

In Everybody Gets One, 3ManBooth eats a little bit of crow

When you come to 3ManBooth.com, you’ll learn 3 things pretty quickly: 1) We’re huge fans of Pro Wrestling. 2) We’re huge fans of The Simpsons. 3) We’re not fans of the Big Show. We started the Twitter Hashtag #BigShowRuinsThings. We even Boo’ed that Man! But even we have to give credit where credit is due. On this week’s Smackdown, the Big Show was part of a 10-man tag main event. On one side was Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Corporate Kane and Seth Rollins. On the other side was Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Mark Henry  and the Big Show. While you expect a match like that to have all sorts of action: Seth Rollins flew around the ring, John Cena ran everyone over with shouldertackles, and Bray Wyatt creeping everyone out:


Image Courtesy of WWE.com

But, as far as we’re concerned, the moment of the night went to the Big Show.

Early in the match, The Big Show faced off with Erick Rowan, the  “big man” of the imposing side. Rowan’s already proven his considerable strength: he slammed the Big Show on RAW earlier in the week. But Show, being the veteran, came up with a new game plan: when Rowan irish-whipped the World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show countered with a sunset flip!

Now, the camera didn’t pan to reaction shots but we imagine the other 8 Superstars were stunned by this. Stunned! Big men rarely leave their feet and, well, Big Show nailing a sunset flip is no small feat. Congratulations, Big Show! Everybody gets one:

Image Courtesy of DeviantArt

Image Courtesy of DeviantArt

Keep checking back to see who we give one and only one kudos to. Until then, Holla!


GIF Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

(Second best moment of the night went to Triple H and his Teddy Long impression)

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