So That Happened: #RAW Recap (09/15/14)


RAW begins with Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman introduces himself and says he’s here to give the WWE Universe a preview of what’ll happen this Sunday at Night Of Champions. Heyman points to the aisle and introduces John Cena, mocking his theme music.

heymancenamusicCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Paul Heyman talks about how the children will cheer John Cena. Next, coming down the aisle will be his client, The Conqueror and the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman vows that Brock Lesnar will give the WWE Universe more to boo about this Sunday. Heyman continues to hype Lesnar until John Cena comes out.

John Cena looks around for Brock Lesnar, then asks where Brock Lesnar is. Heyman tries to explain himself, but Cena cuts Heyman off, reminding him that he was showing up for a fight. Cena says if he doesn’t fight Lesnar, he’s going to fight Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman tells John Cena, speaking as a businessman, would rather have Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena on the WWE Universe for $9.99, but since Cena wants to give it away free, Heyman introduces Brock Lesnar. John Cena gets ready to face Brock Lesnar, but Lesnar doesn’t show.

Paul Heyman starts laughing. Heyman tells Cena that Brock Lesnar flies on a private plane because Lesnar doesn’t like anybody, including John Cena. Heyman claims that Brock Lesnar’s plane has been delayed, but he is on his way to RAW. Heyman tells Cena that he thinks he knew Brock’s plane was delayed and the reason he called him out was because he knew Brock wouldn’t show. Heyman applauds Cena for “playing the hero character.”

Paul Heyman tries to leave, but John Cena grabs him by the neck. Cena thinks Heyman is full of crap, but knows that he gave Heyman 24 hours to produce the Beast, because he was looking for a fight. Cena tells Heyman that in 80 minutes, they’re in RAW Halftime. And if Brock Lesnar doesn’t show up by then, Cena is going to kick Heyman’s ass.

Paul Heyman tells John Cena that he’ll let him know when Brock Lesnar gets here. Heyman tries to leave, but Cena stops him. Cena tells Heyman that he doesn’t trust him and that Cajun Country wants a fight. Cena promises to let the WWE Universe see a fight. John Cena puts Heyman in a headlock and walks off with him.

Backstage: John Cena locks Paul Heyman in his locker room. Cena tries to tell The Great Khali to not let Paul Heyman out, but can’t get passed the language barrier. Cena speaks Punjab to Khali and Khali understands the instructions.

Match 01: Chris Jericho vs. Kane

jericho0916entranceCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Kane exposes the turnbuckle.

Chris Jericho goes for a Lionsault, but Kane counters with a a Chokeslam Grab. Kane goes for a Chokeslam, but Chris Jericho counters with a DDT.

Kane ends up hitting the exposed turnbuckle and Chris Jericho rolls him up.

jerichokaneturnbuckleCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Winner: Chris Jericho


The New WWE Network $9.99 Commercial:

Backstage: Paul Heyman tries to speak with Brock Lesnar on the phone, but can’t get any cellphone reception.

Mark Henry Rallies America:

Charles Austin, Olympic Gold Medalist (High Jump) tells Mark Henry to take out Rusev.

Backstage: Renee Young speaks with Roman Reigns about Seth Rollins turning his back on The Shield 3 months ago. Renee asks how Reigns feels about finally getting Rollins one-on-one. Roman Reigns rants on Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns says everyone’s got a plan until they get hit in the mouth. Reigns says his plan is simple, since he’s going to hit Rollins in the mouth so many times until his knuckles bleed. Reigns tells Rollins to “Believe That.”

Match 02: Bo Dallas vs. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger puts the Ankle Lock on Bo Dallas.

dallastapCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Winner: Jack Swagger

Match 03: Paige and Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee and Brie Bella


Paige mocks AJ Lee and Brie Bella.

ajpaigetagCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

Brie Bella goes for the tag, but Nikki Bella knocks AJ Lee off the apron.

Paige hits Brie Bella with the Rampaige.

Winners: Paige and Nikki Bella

Post-Match, Nikki Bella hits Brie Bella with the Rack Attack.

Paige skips around Brie Bella. AJ Lee starts skipping around the ring. Paige stops skipping and AJ stops skipping. Paige starts skipping and AJ Lee starts skipping again.

ajpaigeskipoffCourtesy of charlesedwardstrickland9778

Paige tells AJ Lee to stop mocking her. AJ Lee eventually skips away.

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