Snapshots: Twin Magic

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Wrestling is a family affair. We’ve not only seen several generations of wrestlers but we’ve also seen several siblings through the years. The Harts had brothers Bret and Owen (and, one time at the Survivor Series 1994, Bruce and Keith) along with brothers-in-law ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith and Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart. There’s tag team brothers like Rick and Scott Steiner, Matt and Jeff Hardy,  Nick and Matt Jackson aka The Young Bucks and Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley, The Dudley Boys (Papa Dudley was a Rolling Stone). But rarely have we seen twins. Right now, in the WWE, there are 2 sets of Twins: Jimmy and Jey Uso and Nikki and Brie Bella. Back in January WWE’s Instagram account captured, the wonder of this double twin magic

3MB_WWEInstagram_Usos_BellasSince this photo, so much has changed…

Brie married Daniel Bryan, technically becoming Brie Bryan / Brie Danielson. She’ll always be a Bella to us, right? Well, not to her twin sister Nikki! After her infamous, “I wished you died in the womb” rant on a Monday Night RAW, the Bella Twins are, apparently no more. Fortunately / Unfortunately, WWE’s Instagram account has been there to capture all of the twin drama.

Free Bella

3MB_WWEInstagram_FreeBella(that’s Nikki Bella. We know “free” rhymes with “Brie;” it’s confusing to us too.)

Sad Brie

3MB_WWEInstagram_SadNikkiIt’s never good when people split, especially twins.  All this tension must have affected the other twins in the WWE, the Usos, right? Nope!

WWE_WWEInstagram_UsosTagChampsThey’re fine still being the tag team champions. They don’t have Brie mode or Fearless Nikki; they have Uso Crazy. And the Gold. Jey Uso, has a knee injury, but that’s still better than having your twin hate you.


Thanks, for keeping us in the loop, WWE Instagram!

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