I Was There: Starrcade Art Show

In “I Was There” 3MB provides a first hand account of a things we attend.

We mentioned a few weeks ago that there was a Gallery show opening that was devoted to professional wrestling. ConArtistNYC put on an exhibit called Starrcade whose name was inspired by the WCW Pay Per View of the same name. It was considered the Wrestlemania of the South.

3MB_StarrcadeIncidentally, Bruce White put on an exhibit with Gallery 1988 called Velvetmania, taking its name from the WWE’s big annual show. Unlike Velvetmania, which was a one-man show, Starrcade was a multi-artist exhibit and the chosen by the artist themselves which allowed for different interpretations on the central idea of “Pro Wrestling. Go!”


The Tower of Power Too Sweet to be Sour

Some artists chose to depict as many Wrestlers as possible in a single piece, such as this collection of WWF and WCW stars from the 80’s and 90’s like The Iron Sheik, Crow Sting and Bret the Hitman Hart.

Other artists chose to focus on one wrestler and pay tribute. This one piece was a nod to the style of Macho Man Randy Savage:

3MB_20140830_Starrcade__0014The depiction points out the hip-hop side of Randy Savage. The gold chain is hanging around his neck, possibly as a homage to his Be A Man rap album. Excerpts from his promo are treated like lyrics. “Cup of Coffee” was directed at Ricky the Dragon Steamboat before their Intercontinental title match at Wrestlemania 3. “You have lust in your black in your black eyes and you black heart” is from a rant Savage directed at Hulk Hogan when the MegaPowers exploded. Either moment was amazing and an indication of the promo prowess of Randy Savage. Speaking of the MegaPowers,

3MB_20140830_Starrcade__0037their partnership was open to interpretation. Instead of the MegaPowers exploding, here they are colliding, through the lips. This certainly gives new meaning to the idea of tag teams in wrestling. Still, it’s all in good fun. Based on the hands, it looks like the artist based this painting on a photo of 2 ladies kissing rather than 2 men. It’s more of an AJ Lee / Paige situation than a Chuck and Billy situation, not that there’s anything wrong with either. Like we said, it’s all in good fun.

Check out more interpretations on the theme of wrestling in our Facebook gallery. Also, be sure to follow ConArtistNYC for their future exhibits. They have other upcoming shows. Some might have wrestling; some might not. Still, it’s great to support the arts. Plus, who knows when they might do another wrestling show.

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