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So many wrestling fans are talented artists.  Their fandom will contain references to the sport or one piece in an exhibit will be about wrestling. This year,  we’ve been fortunate enough to have two exhibits solely about wrestling. Earlier this year,  Gallery 1988 hosted Velvetmania, a tribute to the classiest sport on the classiest of fabrics: Velvet.


Image Courtesy of Gallery1988

All of Bruce White’s portraits were created using acrylic on velvet, adding depth to each depiction of the Superstars from the 80’s and 90’s. The soft fabric serves as a contrast the rugged lifestyles that wrestlers lead. Some of the prints are still available at Gallery 1988’s site, either as prints or as the original artwork, if you ever wanted to own a one of a kind Big Boss Man painting.

Not to be outdone, the East Coast currently as an exhibit on display. In contrast to Gallery 1998’s Wrestlemania themed pun, Con Artist is hosting Starrcade, named after …. well, WCW’s Starrcade (What?!? No one was using it!):


Image Courtesy of Con Artist NYC

The Exhibit just opened and we at 3ManBooth intend to take a trip to visit the entire gallery. But, certain members of the 3ManBooth Elite – sal_paradyse and failraiser – were able to attend preview night. So here’s our preview from their preview:


Courtesy of Sal_Paradyse’s Instagram


Courtesy of FailRaiser’s Instagram

We don’t know much about Art but we know what we like. And we like Wrestling. We hope to see you and the exhibit ends. If you can attend, please let us know what your favorite pieces are. And if you can’t attend in person, don’t worry: we’ll do our best to share our favorites from the gallery.

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