So That Happened: #RAW Recap (08/18/14)


RAW begins with Daniel Bryan’s entrance.

Stephanie McMahon comes out imitating Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” Chant.

stephbryanmockCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

Stephanie McMahon thanks the WWE Universe for chanting her name as she came down the ramp. Stephanie starts her own “Steph” chant as the WWE Universe chants “NO.”

Stephanie McMahon calls Summerslam one of the most epic PPVs in WWE History and says that on Social Media, people were calling Summerslam better than Wrestlemania. Stephanie thinks one of the reasons why is because Brock Lesnar became WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie tells the WWE Universe that tonight, The Authority will present the title to Brock Lesnar.

Stephanie McMahon mocking John Cena’s brutal beatdown from Brock Lesnar, then wishes him a speedy recovery. Stephanie turns her attention to Chris Jericho, claiming he was humiliated at Summerslam by Bray Wyatt and that Dean Ambrose learned that Seth Rollins was the better one in The Shield.

Stephanie McMahonturns her attention to Brie Bella, calling her the biggest loser of the night. Stephanie says Brie learned not to mess with The Authority, emotionally mentally and physically because The Authority always wins. Stephanie reminds the WWE Universe that you can relieve Brie’s loss and the rest of Summerslam on the WWE Network for just $9.99

Stephanie McMahon says she can’t take all of the credit, then thanks Triple H for standing by her side and always being faithful to her, unlike Daniel Bryan. Stephanie McMahon claims Daniel Bryan cheated on Brie Bella because he found out who she really is. Stephanie brings out Nikki Bella to tell truth about Brie Bella.

nikkishoeCourtesy of 

Stephanie McMahon and Nikki Bella hug, then Stephanie tells her that it takes a lot to stand up about people who abused her for so long. Stephanie mentions that some people call this an act of betrayal, but wants Nikki to speak her peace.

Nikki Bella claims Brie Bella betrayed her first because when they came to WWE, it was supposed The Bella Twins against the world. Nikki says it’s never been that way, and that she has she’s always been there for Brie loved her. Nikki says Brie never became the women she wanted her to be. Nikki calls Brie selfish, manipulative and says it has always been about Brie.

Nikki Bella tells the WWE Universe that Brie has always competed with her and was tired of Brie constantly telling her that she is never going to get married or have a husband. Stephanie McMahon brings up marriage. Nikki Bella thinks she won in the long run, since Brie married the “scraggily” goat face Daniel Bryan, who ended up cheating on her.

Nikki Bella tells Stephanie McMahon that she is heartbroken over this situation, but now she stands tall on her own two feet because instead of saying she lost a sister, she never really had one. Nikki says without the burden of Brie Bella, she is free.

Brie Bella comes down to the ring and confronts Nikki Bella.

Brie Bella asks Nikki Bella why she is saying these horrible things. Brie tells Nikki that she loves her, but she destroyed the family. Brie says she can forgive Nikki Bella for last night, but Nikki Bella cuts her off.

Nikki Bella slaps Brie Bella, then says she can never forgive Brie.

nikkibrieslapCourtesy of WrasslorMonkey

Brie Bella leaves the ring in tears.


Match 01: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Big Show and Mark Henry

Luke Harper kicks Big Show.

Erick Rowan slams Big Show.

rowanslamCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

Big Show and Mark Henry hit their finishers on The Wyatt Family.

showrowan01 showrowan02 showrowan03Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

Winners: Big Show and Mark Henry

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler is talking with Ric Flair, who wishes him luck, then tells him he’s on a roll.

Ric Flair sees The Miz, then says “Really? “The Miz tells Dolph Ziggler not to get too comfortable with the Intercontinental Championship, because he doesn’t deserve it and he’s not worhthy. Miz claims tonight, the Intercontinental Championship comes back home to him, an A. Ziggler tells Miz he’s not an A-Lister. He’s an A-Hole. Ric Flair laughs then Woos The Miz.

flairdolphmizCourtesy of wefightonfridaynight

Backstage: Renee Young congratulates Seth Rollins on his victory. Rollins tells Renee it feels good because he did exactly what he was going to do. Rollins claims he didn’t run or hide, and that he proved that not only is he the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s the future of the entire WWE. As Rollins continues talking, Dean Ambrose throws a bucket of ice on Seth Rollins.

rollinsambrosewater01Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

rollinsambrosewater02Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

rollinsambrosewater03 rollinsambrosewater04Courtesy of hiitsmekevin

Backstage: Seth Rollins complains to Triple H about Dean Ambrose, saying that they need to take Ambrose out of the equation. Triple H calms Rollins down, then tells him he has a rematch with Dean Ambrose tonight.

Triple H tells Seth Rollins that people like Dean Ambrose, so he’s going to let the WWE Universe decide. Triple H tells Rollins when he finishes Dean Ambrose off for good, the blood will be on the WWE Universe’s hands.

Match 02: Paige vs. Natalya

Paige says despite everything, she respects and loves AJ Lee. Paige tells the WWE Universe that tonight’s match is dedicated to her little AJ.

AJ Lee skips down to the ring and distracts Paige.

Winner: Natalya

Post-Match, AJ Lee tells Paige that despite everything, she respects her. AJ tells Paige that she loves her and she dedicates her life to Paige. AJ says she needs to get in the ring and shake her hand right now.


Paige runs away from AJ Lee.

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