So That Happened: #RAW Recap (07/28/14)


RAW begins with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena

John Cena talks about the hype crowd and how normally he would share in the enthusiasm, but last week he and the WWE Universe found out that Plan C is what he hoped would never happen, The Brock Lesnar.

John Cena calls himself a Marked Man by The Authority since they want the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off his neck so badly that they hired a mercenary, Brock Lesnar.

John Cena says last week there were cheers as Paul Heyman spoke to the WWE Universe about the John Cena Fans and the members of the WWE Universe who wants to see Brock Lesnar beat the hell out of him.

After a loud “YES” chant, Cena says he’s not deaf and he knows who his opponent is. Cena calls Brock Lesnar the most devastating force of the WWE, then hypes how dangerous Brock Lesnar is. Cena says 40 Men were able to say they were champion, but only one Beast has defeated The Undertaker’s Streak.

John Cena agrees with Paul Hyyman that he will get the beating of a lifetime by Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. As the crowd cheers, Cena encourages them to cheer because he knows he will get his ass kicked. Cena tells the WWE Universe he will not lay down and that he will go to Summerslam to fight and beat Brock Lesnar, just like he did in 2012.

John Cena says for those who cheer and boo, they and The Authority don’t realize what will happen if Brock Lesnar becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cena calls Lesnar a mercenary and hired gun who does fights when he wants and destroys who he wants. Cena says no one can control Brock Lesnar, not the WWE Universe, The Authority or Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman interrupts John Cena.

Paul Heyman hypes the fact that his client, Brock Lesnar will conquer John Cena at Summerslam and take away the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Heyman calls Cena very courageous for realizing the beating that’s coming his way, but thinks Cena doesn’t realize that he is about to be turned into a victim.

Paul Heyman asks John Cena if he knows what it’s like to be victimized, then talks about Cena’s accomplishments and rising above, but thinks he’s never been victimized. Heyman tells Cena to ask The Undertaker what it’s like to be victimized. After the crowd boos him, Heyman says he can’t ask for The Undertaker since no one has seen or heard from The Undertaker since Wrestlemania 30.

Paul Heyman tells John Cena that he is on the defensive, but Brock Lesnar is on the offensive. Heyman tells Cena that Brock Lesnar is not just going to pin or F-5 him, he is going to conquer and victimize him ruthlessly and mercilessly. Heyman calls Cena a man of great passion, who loves representing the WWE Universe and being in that ring and in WWE, but the only thing Brock Lesnar is passionate about is the sadistic pleasure he gets from the pain of his victim. Heyman says Lesnar is salivating at the idea that when Cena gets up from the beating from Summerslam, he will no longer be the WWE Champion; he will be beaten, victimized and conquered.

John Cena tosses the WWE World Heavyweight Titles to the ground, and tells Paul Heyman he’s sick of his crap and wants to talk real. Cena reminds Heyman that he said the word passion and that it is a word that even Paul Heyman can understand. Cena uses ECW as an example of passion and says that even Heyman’s cold black heart smiles when he heard the chants of ECW.


John Cena says both he and Paul Heyman share passion, but this is Cena’s life. Cena says good or bad, he shows up on time and works his ass off because not only does he love WWE, he loves what it represents, because he has passion for it. Cena tells Heyman that Brock Lesnar has no passion for anything for himself, and although he is big, strong and a super athlete, what separates Lesnar from Cena is heart. Cena says Brock Lesnar may beat the hell out of him, but he will have to beat every last breathe out of this body. Cena vows to walk in and out of Summerslam as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Cesaro comes out.

Cesaro tells John Cena that even though he and Paul Heyman have gone their seperate ways, he won’t allow him to insult his friend like this.

Cesaro tells John Cena that he’s not a wrestler, then calls him a big, muscled up, walking billboard. Cena gets ready to face Cesaro, but Cesaro tells him to stay where he’s at.

Cesaro mocks John Cena’s sneakers and asks if he got them at KMart, then tells Cena that you can’t wrestle in sneakers. Cesaro changes his mind and says Cena can’t wrestle period. Cesaro wants to prove that Cena can’t wrestle in a match right now.


Paul Heyman tries hype Cesaro vs. John Cena, but Cena tells him to shut up. Cena tells Cesaro that it will be an honor for this “Jacked Up, Walking Billboard” to wrestle circles around Cesaro and beat him in the middle of the ring right now.

Match 01: John Cena vs. Cesaro

John Cena hits Cesaro with the Cenacanrana

cenacesarohurricanranaCourtesy of WrasslorMonkey

John Cena counters Cesaro’s Protoplex with a DDT.

Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing, but John Cena counters with a sunset flip.

cenacesaroflipCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

John Cena hits a Powerbomb on Cesaro.

Cesaro does the Suplex to John Cena.

cenacesarosuplexCourtesy of prowrestlingnow


Cesaro does the Cesaro Swing to John Cena.

cenacesaroswingCourtesy of prowrestlingnow

Cesaro turns the Cesaro Swing into a Cesaro Submission.


Cesaro goes for a dive, but John Cena catches him and gets ready for an AA.

Cesaro lands on his feet!

Cesaro hits the Uppercut on John Cena.

John Cena hits a Top Rope AA on Cesaro.

cenacesarotopropeaaCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Winner: John Cena

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon tells Triple H that she is trying to stay strong, but she can’t go back there or bare to look in her daughter’s eyes after seeing the utter disappointment on their faces.

Triple H tries to encourage Stephanie McMahon and assures her that everything is going to work out ,but they are interrupted by Randy Orton. who needs to talk.

Randy Orton calls Triple H about the original plan of John Cena vs. Randy Orton at Summerslam. Orton brings up Roman Reigns attacking him and Brock Lesnar getting his title shot. Orton says Triple H needs to do what’s Best For Business and change the match, but Triple H tells him plans change.

Triple H tells Randy Orton that he could change the match, but he’s not going to. Triple H tells Orton that as long as Roman Reigns is in the picture, Orton is not going to get a shot. Orton asks if Reigns cost him his title shot, and Triple H tells him Reigns cost him that and a whole lot more. Triple H tells Orton that if he wants another title shot, he needs to take out Roman Reigns. Orton vows to take out Reigns tonight, but Triple H tells him Roman Reigns is in a match with Kane.

Randy Orton tells Triple H that now he has a problem with Kane, Roman Reigns and from the looks of it, he has a problem with Triple H.

Paige Speaks:

Paige tells the WWE Universe that she’s young, so sometimes she lets her emotions get the better of her, but she still thinks of AJ as her best friend in the whole world. Paige says last week what she did was deplorable because she didn’t think of AJ as her friend, she thought of AJ as someone who took her title.

Paige tells the WWE Universe that she was out of line, but she will never act that way again. Paige is interrupted by AJ Lee.

A CM Punk chant starts.

AJ Lee calls Paige her sweet, young, Casper looking puppet. Paige tries to interupt her, but AJ says she wasn’t finished talking. AJ understands why Paige is mad because she understands what it’s like to get the Divas Title taken away from her in an instant. AJ Lee tells Paige that if she wants to be like her and skip around, but if she wants to be like AJ, she needs to be like her. AJ says she doesn’t play little girl games, and if she doesn’t like someone, she’s going to say it to her face, like a real woman.

Paige tells AJ lee that she is her real friend, but if she doesn’t believe her, then maybe she’s crazy.

Paige tells AJ Lee that she didn’t mean it and would never make fun of her “mental health.” Rather than snap, AJ Lee understands and says that Paige who acted without thinking and it happens to people who are a little bit off their rockers.


AJ Lee attacks Paige.

AJ Lee throws Paige out the ring, then tosses her into the barricade.

AJ Lee tries to toss Paige over the steps, but Paige hops over it. AJ Lee jumps on the steps but Paige screams at her to calm down, saying that they’re supposed to be friends.

More CM Punk chants break out.

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