Snapshots: Destination X – Week 1

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

Back in June, TNA did 3 days of TV tapings in the Grand Ballroom, the venue above the Hammerstein Ballroom. It has been a place for wrestling over the years, from the early days of Monday Night RAW to tentpole locations for ECW and ROH. Now, with TNA making its debut, we had to attend. We don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but from this week’s show, Destination X – Week 1, there were 2 things we wanted to share.

3MB_20140626_TNANYC_0030Low Ki’s kicks are as fast and are as lethal as they appear on TV. Zema Ion and Manik experienced them first hand as Low Ki used his educated feet to advance to the final round of the X-Division Championship tournament.

Continuing in the spirit of Destination X, Samoa Joe took on Tigre Uno and Homicide, making his return to the 6-sided ring. As the rafters shook with floor with chants of “JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU!” he nearly took Tigre Uno’s head off! But Joe saved one of his signature moves – The Muscle Buster – for Homicide:

3MB_20140626_TNANYC_0048Joe advanced to the final of the X-Division Championship to take on Low-Ki and Sonada.

We’ll reveal more photos and insights as Impact Wrestling episodes air. Trust us, this week’s tease of #ItHappened is definitely worth the wait!

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