Nation Of Animation: #ThanksSteenThanks

In Nation Of Animation, 3MBooth will spotlight wrestlers using animated gifs

At Ring Of Honor: War Of The Worlds, Kevin Steen announced that will be taking a step back from pro wrestling to spend time with his family. Steen was rumored to be entertaining the idea of centering his  family performance in Orlando, but at PWG Eleven, Steen announced that he moving to Mexico to help El Generico take care of the orphans.

Regardless of where Kevin Steen ends up, we at Three Man Booth want to say thanks in a way we see fitting…

Through Animated Gifs!

steenthumbsCourtesy of 

We’re thankful for the way Kevin Steen…

Deals With Fans

steendx01 steendx02Courtesy of 

With Gifts

steenhotdog01 steenhotdog02Courtesy of 

With Fashion

steenhat01Courtesy of 

And Inspires Others To Deal With Fashion

steenhat02Courtesy of 

His Best Friends

steengenerico01steengenerico02Courtesy of 

And How He Encourages Them

steengenerico03 steengenerico04Courtesy of 

Enlightens Them

steengenerico05 steengenerico06Courtesy of 

And Motivates Them To Do Better

steengenerico07 steengenerico08Courtesy of 

How He Deals With Women

steencandice01 steencandice02Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

Well…Women Who Aren’t His Opponent

steengirlfriend01 steengirlfriend02Courtesy of 

We’re also thankful for…

His Resourcefulness

steenladderCourtesy of wrestling-giffer

His Agility

steenflip01Courtesy of wrestling-giffer

And of course…

The Package Piledriver

steenpackageCourtesy of doomsday519

So, Thank you Kevin Steen for The Streamers


That time you Liked 3MLeKeith’s Display Pic

And of course, Your Passion For Pro Wrestling

steenwrestling01 steenwrestling02 steenwrestling03 steenwrestling04Courtesy of 

 We know the future is bright for you, Kevin Steen. Good luck with the Orphans and Thanks Steen Thanks.

steenyourewelcomeCourtesy of 
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