So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season 02 Finale Pt. 2 (06/01/14)


It’s 2 days till Wrestlemania, and Cam’ron is greeted by Vincent at her hotel. Rather than open the door to let him into the hotel, Cam’ron tells him to count to 3, then starts playing hide and seek with him. Vinnie opens the door and Cam’ron is happy to have Vinnie here for Wrestlemania Season.

Vinnie says he’s loves her. Cam’ron agrees because she is “The” Vinnie tells Cam’ron that her head’s getting big, then they take turns making extremely annoying noises. Cam’ron asks if she sounds like a pilgrim, and Vinnie is taken back by her ridiculousness.

At a restaurant, Naomi and Jimmy Uso, Natalya and Tyson Kidd, and Eva Marie and Jonathan, toast and cheer to Wrestlemania and to Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Natalya wants to toast to John Cena and Nikki Bella’s future marriage, but Tyson says they’ll never get married anyway. Naomi thinks they’ll get married, but Eva Marie disagrees.

Natalya decides to reveal that Nikki Bella was previously married before, because she assumes that Nikki Bella already told each other. Everyone is shocked, but Naomi learns to “D.T.N. – Don’t Trust Nattie.”

Later, at WWE Axxess, Eva Marie is about to start her first Meet-N-Greet by herself. She is nervous and doesn’t know how it’s going to go. Eva is taken back because a year ago, she wasn’t even part of the WWE.

After an “All Red Everything” Chant and a hug from Mick Foley, Eva Marie starts to do her autograph signing.

While signing, Eva Marie is told she can’t wrestle. Eva Marie talks about how some of the comments break her heart, but tries not to let what other people get into her head.

Natalya is hosting WWE’s Annual Wrestlemania Kickoff Party, which she feels is a chance for her to show her other skills.

While at the party, Naomi walk up to Cam’ron and Vinnie with two bottles of champagne. Vinnie asks for some, but Naomi says she only had two hands.

Cam’ron asks Naomi how’s married life is going, and Naomi love it because there’s no “breaking up” and even if they get into a fight, they’re in this together. Naomi asks how long Vinnie and Cam’ron have been together. Vinnie replies it’s been two years and Naomi jokes that two years from now, they will be legally married.

After Cam’ron shows off her Armenian language skills, Vinnie says she loves her. Cam’ron responds with, “My Life.” in Armenian. Naomi realizes that she has never heard Cam’ron say, “I love you.” Cam’ron says love is a hard word for her to say, even if she feels it. Vinnie claims it’s no big deal, but Naomi says that she knows Cam’ron is a tough cookie to crack.

Naomi reveals in the confessional that if Jimmy Uso never said he loved her after a year and a half, she would have left her.

At the party, Nikki Bella goes to the bathroom to take care of a rip in her dress. Meanwhile, John Cena and Nikki’s brother, JJ talk about dealing with Nikki. JJ says he and Nikki squashed everything, but is surprised how well Cena is handling Nikki being married before.


John Cena is shocked and surprised to hear this, but thanks JJ for talking about it.When Nikki Bella comes back, John Cena kisses her then walks out..

Cam’ron has dinner with her Mom, Tammy and Vinnie. After a “stink kiss,” Cam’ron forces Vinnie to give her a better kiss. After Cam’ron cheers to Wrestlemania, she says “I love you” to her Mom, Vinnie jokes that Cam’ron is actually capable of saying “I love you.”

Cam’ron defends herself by saying that she cares about Vinnie, but saying “I love you” is like getting married to her, so when she says it, it will be a big deal. Cam’ron’s Mom, Tammy mentions it’s nice to hear the word sometimes and Cam’ron starts to cry.


Vinnie tries to calm Cam’ron down, but Cam’ron says her Mom has always been there for her, amd sometimes when you love someone, you get hurt, and because of people like her Stepdad is why she feels the way she does. Vinnie tells Cam’ron that he still love her, no matter what and that he will always be for her.

Later, John Cena and Nikki Bella have late dinner together during the busy Wrestlemania week. Nikki tries to talk with Cena, but Cena is quiet and responding vague answers. Cena asks Nikki if she has anything going on. Nikki flips the question on him, and Cena says he’s involved in the most awkward dinner of his life.

Nikki Bella asks John Cena if he wants to take his food to go, and Cena responds if he wants to, he’ll take it to go. Nikki wishes she could do something to make Cena feel better.

It’s Wrestlemania 30 and The WWE Superstars are excited for the show.

The Bella Twins are happy they are able to be at Wrestlemania 30, since they got cut at Wrestlemania 29. Eva Marie is taken back due to her only being in the WWE for a year and being able to have a Wrestlemania Moment. Eva Marie jokes that she will literally vomit and defecate at the same time. Nikki Bella pleads for Eva Marie not to do that.

Backstage, Summer Rae hugs Emma and thanks her for hanging out with her.


Summer Rae tells Emma that she’s glad that they’re “new best friends” because none of the other girls like her. Emma tells Summer Rae that maybe that would change if she would stop being such a bitch to the other Divas.

Summer Rae tells Emma that she is not upset Brie Bella didn’t invite her to her wedding, but she is upset that reason Brie didn’t invite her was because Brie was afraid Summer would ruin it. Emma is surprised that Brie would say that to Summer and jokes that she should have made an excuse. that she’s not going to the wedding, but tells Emma the reason. Emma is surprised Brie Bella has been so honest about it.

Summer Rae tells Emma that even though she didn’t get the invite, it’s her fault, so she is going to deal with the consequences and get Brie a wedding gift. Emma tells Summer that when people first meet her, they think she’s fake, but Summer cuts her off saying it was her fault. Emma jokes that Summer should write on the card, “Here’s the wedding that you didn’t invite me to.”

The Bella Twins are talking before Wrestlemania until Mark Carrano walks up. Mark tells The Bella Twins that they were bumped from number 3 to number 7. The Bellas are worried because Number 7 is the worst match you can have: You can either be cut or your time will cut short.

The Bella Twins are worried that the match placement will end up resulting in them getting cut from the show. The Bella Twins and Eva Marie inform The Funkadactyls that their match got moved to number 7 and that their entrances have already been cut. Brie is concerned that if The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar go “5 Minutes Over” their match can get cut.

As the Wrestlemania matches play out one by one, Natalya and Nikki Bella try to figure out how much time they have left fot their match. After Daniel Bryan’s match, Brie kisses and compliments him. Bryan asks about Brie’s match, and Brie says she hasn’t heard anything. Bryan mentions that the first segment already went over.

After John Cena has his match, Eva Marie tells Natalya that she is freaking out because she gets quiet when she’s nervous. Natalya tells Eva Marie if she wasn’t nervous, she would have no respect for her. Natalya says Eva Marie should be nervous because this is special and only a handful of people can do what they do, so she should be freaking out. Natalya tells Eva Marie that what she likes about her is that she cares, and that they should all care. Natalya tells Eva Marie that she’s proud of her and has her back.


As The Undertaker starts his match, Brie Bella talks about this is the second time their match follows The Undertaker. Brie talks about how important The Undertaker and his 21-0 streak is to Wrestlemania, but is concerned that the match can go too long.

As The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar have their match, the Total Divas are concerned that if the match goes even 5 minutes over, their match can get cut.

Paul Heyman’s Client, Brock Lesnar, Conquers The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak At Wrestlemania.
Paul Heyman’s Client, Brock Lesnar, Conquers The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak At Wrestlemania.
Paul Heyman’s Client, Brock Lesnar, Conquers The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak At Wrestlemania.
Paul Heyman’s Client, Brock Lesnar, Conquers The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak At Wrestlemania.
Paul Heyman’s Client, Brock Lesnar, Conquers The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak At Wrestlemania.
Paul Heyman’s Client, Brock Lesnar, Conquers The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak At Wrestlemania.


The Total Divas are shocked, just like the WWE Universe, but are relieved because their match can still go on. Natalya can’t believe they have to follow The Streak, but says the Divas will band together and work together. After the match, Eva Marie says once she got out there, her nerves went away and “All Red Everything” was in the house. Brie and Nikki Bella are on a high for being able to perform at Wrestlemania 30.

Despite all of the Total Divas competing in the Diva’s Invitational, AJ Lee still ends up winning the match. Natalya says all of the Total Divas wanted to win the titles, but they’re also happy they were able to perform together and entertain the crowd.


One Daniel Bryan WWE World Heavyweight Championship Victory Later, Brie and Bryan are in Sedona getting ready for their wedding. Naomi and Jimmy Uso arrive in Sedona and are happy to be at the wedding. Cam’ron , is happy to be there, but is sick because she has food poisoning.

John Cena and Nikki Bella arrive at the rehearsal dinner. Brie Bella arrives in a robe her Grandmother wore for her wedding. The wedding dress has been in the Bella Family for generations.

As the families toast Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, Nikki Bella’s Uncle Joe asks John Cena when she and Nikki will end up getting married. Cena doesn’t answer.

Later that night, Cam’ron gets taken care of by Vinnie while she has food poisoning.

2 Hours before the wedding, JJ tells Brie that she’s happy to be there for her wedding and hopes to be a part of Nikki’s other wedding. JJ tells Nikki Bella that she told John Cena about the wedding. Nikki is upset JJ talked to Cena about her previous, but JJ thought it was okay since she told him. Nikki reveals she didn’t tells Cena about her previous marriage.

Both Brie Bella and JJ are pissed that Nikki Bella didn’t say anything to John Cena before the wedding. Brie thinks Nikki is the worst maid of honor ever. The Bella Mom, Kathy tries to smooth things over, but Nikki says nothing is wrong.

JJ and Nikki Bella start fighting outside of the makeup room. Kathy comes out and asks what’s going on. JJ and Nikki try to explain themselves, but Kathy says it’s Brie’s day and it’s done. And since it’s done, it’s time to focus on Brie.


The wedding starts.

Daniel Bryan walks down the aisle. Brie Bella hasn’t been nervous until now. Brie Bella’s Dad tells her that she looks beautiful. Nikki Bella walks down the aisle next, happy to make eye contact with John Cena, but is concerned that Cena is mad at her. Josie comes down next.

Brie Bella walks down the aisle, thinking she will never forget Daniel Bryan’s face when she walked down the aisle.

Brie Bella’s Uncle Joe jokes if Bryan knows he’s marrying the right Bella.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella recite their vows. Brie says Bryan reminds her of her Grandfather, and that God has answered her prayers to make sure knows Bryan is truly the one. Bryan says today is just another day for most people, but for he and Brie, it’s the day they exchange promises for the rest of their life. Bryan says watching Brie walk down the aisle is the happiest he’s ever been and he can’t imagine walking down the aisle with anyone else.


After Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella exchange vows, and get married, Everyone starts a “YES!” chant.

After the ceremony, Nikki Bella tries to tell John Cena, but Cena thinks it’s not the time or the place.

After the wedding, Cam’ron takes Vinnie to go look at the nice rocks.

While looking at the rocks, Cam’ron admits to Vinnie that she loves him. And that she’s not just his boyfriend, but her best friend. Vinnie jokes he should have brought her to the rocks sooner.

At the reception, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella arrive. Nikki Bella toasts the new Bride and Groom.

After the toast, Nikki Bella apologizes to John Cena, but Cena tells her that he doesn’t care what she did before they met each other, but what he cares about is that she tells other people. But he would like to be on top of that “Totem Pole.” Cena then follows it up with a Totem Pole Face.


Afterwards, everyone is dancing at the reception and having a good time. Brie Bella truly feels like she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

So That Happened:

And because you need to see this…After Total Divas.

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