Blue This Man: #Bluetista

Last Night in Chicago, WWE held their PPV, Payback. The show was great from a wrestling standpoint, and we saw moments that will definitely be talked about for weeks to come. However, there was one non-wrestling moment that stood out like a sore thumb on social media.

No. Not #WWESelfieGirl

We’re talking about #Bluetista!

Batista is no stranger to “Walking Alone.” He pulled a similar stunt last month at Extreme Rules, when he decided to forgo the Evolution Black in favor of Ric Flair Rouge.

tumblr_n52tf4JKeq1srbyoyo1_1280Courtesy of prowrestlingnow

We assume Batista didn’t make a big enough statement last month, so he decided to do it again this month only with blue.

If Batista was trying to make a statement, message received. Twitter quickly reacted to the #Bluetista gear with a series of memes such as…

#Bluetista as Leonardo, Leader of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

#Bluetista as Trendy Smurf:

#Bluetista as Sonic The Hedgehog:

#Bluetista as The Blue M & M:

#Bluetista in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory:

#Bluetista as The Green Blue Lantern

And of course, #Bluetista as Mega Man. 

The internet and #Bluetista’s hard work paid off, because shortly after the match started, this happened!

And what does #Bluetista have to say about all of this? Surely he would thank us. Right?


…Wrong! Shame on you, Batista! You brought this on yourself. You know the rule. If you want to look menacing as a team, you either dress in a fedora and a Hawaiian shirt, or wear all black! Don’t take it out on us fans, because you decided to stand out and join Eva Marie’s nemesis, the All Blue Everything Movement.

BatistaEvaMarieBlue_3MBCredit to TheMainFNEvent for the Batista photo

Your chose blue, Batista. You LIVE with Blue. And for your poor attitude, we have no choice but to…

….You know what? Forget Boo This Man.


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