Snapshot: Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mothers (and Fathers) love their children unconditionally. Everyone wants to see their kids succeed, including within the squared circle. Both the WWE and TNA have posted Thank you videos from the Superstars / Wrestlers to their Moms. But no matter the circumstance, a mother will be there for you when you need them.


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Such was the case in 2006 for Shelton Benjamin. While in the WWE, he was on a bit of a losing streak. When he reached out to his mother for a little bit of sympathy, she did one better: she started accompanying him to ringside. This little bit of tough love (and, let’s be honest, embarrassment) paid off in the end. With the help of Momma Benjamin, Shelton captured the Intercontinental Championship for the third time, defeating the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair. It probably didn’t hurt that Momma B. approved of Shelton’s underhanded tactics, hitting Flair with an oxygen tank, in order to earn the victory. It falls under the category of “Mama Said Knock You Out.”


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Sometimes a little Tough Love goes a long way

Happy Mother’s Day, Everybody!

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