Unprofessional Wrestling: #TheGoldbergsStrikeBack

The 3ManBooth DVR records anything with “Wrestling” in the Title or Description. Good or Bad, We’ll Share Its Unprofessional Wrestling

The last time we talked about ABC’s The Goldbergs, it was because the youngest son – Adam – wore a Hulkamania t-shirt. We said:

So, as long as there are references to NON-Goldberg Wrestling
and ALF, we have no regrets giving it a Season Pass.

Well, ABC found a dandy of a loophole. Who were we to doubt them? The episode, “A Wrestler Named Goldberg,” is about the eldest son – Barry (Troy Gentile) – joining the varsity wrestling team.

BarryChair_3MBBarry, often misguided, decides to join the team to get a varsity jacket to get the attention of a girl because: a) that’s how high school works and b) it worked for The Varsity Club:


Photo Courtesy of Obsessed with Wrestling

Barry trained for the sport by watching the documentary Wrestlemania which leaves his Dad (Jeff Garlin), a former wrestler, to break the news that – in the world of The Goldbergs – pro wrestling isn’t real. But still, we get a montage of 80s wrestling’s classic moves performed on a Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy.



Undeterred, Barry heads into his debut match more focused on his signature catchphrase – “Welcome to the mat!” – than he is on, you know, wrestling. After an impromptu exhibition match against his mother, Barry was successful in welcoming his opponent to the mat. Yup, the catchphrase stuck.

BarryHogan02_3MBSince we’re in the present, The Goldbergs are able to make a wrestling nod to something we know. There is a famous B. Goldberg in wrestling. It’s not Barry: it’s Bill Goldberg, who had a memorable 173 match undefeated streak. But there’s another wrestling connection. They set Barry’s wrestling feat to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” which is the other famous song associated with WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. Had Barry started the YES! Chant instead of the Hulk Hogan “hand to the ear” thing, that would’ve been a different story.

Also, there was a whole storyline about Adam and his sister Erica waiting in line to watch Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It was good too and Adam is the second best Han Solo on the site this week. Check it out.

Congratulations on a second season pick up, The Goldbergs!

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